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How can I resend an access code for a Direct Message?

If a recipient advises that they haven't received the SMS containing the access code for their Direct Message, it can be resent from within WriteUpp.  It can only be resent by the user who sent the original message. If the message has expired, a new Direct message will have to be created. 

To resend an access code:

Go to Patient Summary -> Messages and open the message by clicking on the date

Click Resend Code at the bottom of the screen

Select Yes to generate and send a new access code

You will see a green Code Resent banner and be taken back to the Message Summary page.

The patient will then need to use the newly sent code to access the direct message

Please note this will send the code to the same mobile number as the original message. Therefore if there has been a problem sending the code due to something like an incorrect mobile number, you'll need to resend the message from scratch once the number has been updated.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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