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How do I add smart fields to an assessment template?

Smart fields can be added to a new assessment form template or an existing template under Settings -> Assessments. You can read more about smart fields here.

To create a new assessment form, click on Create New Assessment Form at the foot of the page. To edit an existing custom form click on the three dots alongside it and choose Edit from the options. You can also edit a pre-built assessment form to include smart fields, you'll just need to duplicate it first.

To add smart fields to an assessment template:

Within a section of a form template, choose Add New Field+::

Under 'Select a field type', choose Smart:

Give your field a name, and choose whether it should be mandatory:

Choose a smart field to use from the dropdown list:

Top Tip - You'll notice that after you add a type of field, it will disappear from the dropdown list when adding more fields, which is intentional. It ensures that since these fields are linked to the relevant field of the Client Summary, only one of each type can be added to a form, so there can be no conflict when it comes to importing them.

Once you've entered the information, click on Finish Editing

As an example, a mandatory field for 'Title' might look like this within the form builder:

And like this when you preview a form:

Repeat steps 1-5 to add all required smart fields to your form template

Once you have added all the fields you need to the form, click on Publish & Exit to publish your form for use with your clients.

Updated on: 22/12/2023

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