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How do I create a new copy of a read-only assessment?

Sometimes you may need to open a pre-existing, read-only (locked) assessment. You may wish to do this if:

Another member of staff needs to append something to the assessment
Another member of staff needs to approve an assessment
You want to record the same measure/score on multiple occasions over time

If a form has become locked, then it will open in a read-only state, and you cannot edit it. Therefore, it may be worth creating a copy of the form, which you can then add to.

To be clear, this doesn't impact the integrity of the original assessment. Instead it creates a new editable version of the assessment that contains all of the data in the original assessment.

To create a new version of a read-only assessment, do the following:

Select the client

Go to the Client Summary and click on the Forms/Assessments tab

Find the 'read-only' assessment that you want to create a new version from, and click on it.

You will see the assessment in a read-only state (locked forms appear as read-only - you can read more about locking controls for assessments here)

Click on the Copy icon at the bottom of the screen:

This will create a new version of the assessment, with all of the data that was previously entered.

Make sure that when you are taken to the copied assessment, you remember to save your changes!

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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