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How do I find out which version of my operating system I'm running?

If you need to check which version of an operating system you are using, we've listed instructions for some of the most widely used platforms below.


On a Mac laptop or desktop:

Click on the Apple icon at the very top left of your screen

Choose About this Mac

Under Overview, you should see the OS you are on, along with the version number


On an iPhone or iPad:

Open Settings, then open your Apple ID profile from the top of the screen

Scroll down to your devices and tap on the entry relating to the one you are using

Under Device Info, you should see the version of iOS/iPadOS you are running


On a Windows laptop or desktop:

Click the Start or Windows button (usually in the lower-left corner of your computer screen)

Click Settings

Click About (usually in the lower left of the screen)

The resulting screen should show you the version of Windows you are on


The specific instructions on finding your Android version will depend on what type of device you are using.

On a Google device

Open Settings

Near the bottom, tap System -> System update

You should see the Android version you are on listed on screen

On a Samsung device

Open Settings

Tap on the Search icon

Enter and search for "software information"

Choose Software information from the "About phone" page

The Android version you are running should be displayed

If you're unsure about how to find out which version of an operating system you are on, you can usually find the steps by googling your device and how to find it's version information. If you need any help though, please do contact us via live chat at the bottom of the screen and we'll do our best to assist!

Updated on: 10/11/2022

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