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How do I insert professional registration number into a document template?

Many clinics or practices like to include the professional registration number (for example, the HCPC number) in document templates, so that when a user opens a document template, their professional registration number is automatically populated.

Before you get started, you need to make sure that you have associated a professional registration number with your users' profile. To do this, follow the steps in the article below:

How do I record the professional registration number for a user?

Having completed these steps, all you need to do is add the "professional registration number" variable to your document template:

Go to Settings -> Docs, and choose the template that you wish to edit.

Using the VAR dropdow, insert the 'User professional registration' variable where you would like it to appear in the document:

Press Save to retain the change

Then, when you create a document using that template under create -> Document, the variable will be populated with the user's details, as shown below:

Please keep in mind that the variable will be populated with the details of the user creating the document (i.e the person that you are logged in as)

Updated on: 07/05/2024

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