Sometimes when printing a letter or document from WriteUpp, you will see the page title and the URL on the printed document. This is a default setting in your Internet Browser, but can easily be turned off. These settings can usually be found in the Print or Page set-up dialogs from your Internet Browser toolbar.

The method differs depending on your Operating System and Internet Browser.

For Google Chrome

When you click on print, you need to uncheck Header & Footers, shown below

For Microsoft Edge

When you click on print, you need to specify "OFF" for Header & Footers, shown below

For Safari

When you click print, you need to deselect 'Print Headers and Footers' 

If you are using another browser and would like some advice about how to turn Headers & Footers off, please chat with us at, and let us know your Operating System and Internet Browser (along with the version).
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