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Can I link a file to WriteUpp from an external source?

If you have documents or folders in an external storage provider such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox, you can link the file in question to their patient record in WriteUpp by entering the URL of the file.

Please note that this does not store the file within WriteUpp and therefore the management of these files continues to be your responsibility. It simply provides a convenient way to link disparate files into one logical location. Any files linked in this way are not included in data exports or access requests as they are not stored within WriteUpp.

As the file isn't being stored within WriteUpp, there is no size limit to the files you can add in this way, making it an excellent way to link files larger than 16MB to a patient record.  Just remember you will have to manage the file in your storage provider and moving or deleting the file within your chosen provider (Google Drive, OneDrive etc) will break the link with WriteUpp.  

To link an external file to WriteUpp:

Click on Create -> Attachment

Copy the URL of the file from your external source and paste it into the URL field within WriteUpp:

Click Add Link once the URL has been added

Add a File Name, an optional Description, choose a Keyword and select if you'd like the file visible to yourself (and any site administrators) only

The Name and Description fields can be up to 64 characters in length

Click Save

You'll be taken to the Files tab of the Patient Summary and see the linked file listed:

If you enter both a file name and a description, the description is what will be listed on the Files tab of the patient summary

Click on the name of the file to open the file details page:

From here, you will be able to click on View to view the file within the external storage provider, or delete the link by clicking on the trashcan icon to the bottom right:

You won't have the option to email or direct message the file to your patient from here, as you can do with other file types, as it's not stored within WriteUpp.  You could however open the file and copy the link, then send it by going to Create -> Message, choosing either the Email or Direct Message tab and following the relevant steps.

Updated on: 05/12/2022

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