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How do I send a confirmation or reminder manually?

Sometimes patients may not receive the communications you intended them too.  For example:

You might have run out of SMS credits
You might have entered their mobile number/email address incorrectly
You might not have opted the patient in to communications before booking their appointments.

In these situations, you can use your communication templates and manually send a confirmation or reminder to the patient. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

Go to Main Menu -> Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication

Click on either Email Templates or SMS Templates at the bottom of the page

Click Edit next to the template you'd like to use, for example the template for a new appointment confirmation

Copy the text from within the template

Then make sure the patient you'd like to contact is your active patient, click on Create -> Message and open either the Email or SMS tab, depending on your delivery method.

Click on Manage Templates

Click on +Add Template

Create a new template, pasting in the text you copied above and giving it a name like "Manual confirmation":

Save the template, then click Back to Message

Back on the Email or SMS tab, choose the recipient, select your newly created template from the Select Template dropdown, then Send.

Repeat steps 1-10 for any of the appointment communications you'd like to be able to send manually.

You don't have to follow steps 7-10 to create a template, but doing so will give you a template you can use repeatedly for all your patients, thus saving you time in the future. You can just paste the copied content at step 6, adjust the variables and send.

Once you've set up manual templates, you'll just have to follow steps 6 and 11 to send a manual appointment communication to any of your patients going forwards.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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