By setting up a communication trigger using the trigger event Booking - Recurring, your patients will be sent a confirmation of a recurring appointment.

There is a predefined template within WriteUpp, called New recurring appointment, which can be used alongside the trigger event for this purpose.  You can of course modify this to customise it to your requirements, or create a custom template to use.

We would recommend that if you create a custom template, or modify the default template, that you include a line to make your patients aware that this is a recurring appointment. 

Please note that in order to receive appointment communications, patients must have been opted in to these on the patient tab of the patient summary.

If you signed up after April 2019, this is one of the predefined communications within WriteUpp.  

If you don't see this present in your  current list and you'd like to set it up, just follow the steps below:

Go to Main Menu -> Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication

 Click on New Trigger

Use the dropdown boxes to create your communication trigger, then Save

Method - Would you like to inform them via SMS or email?
Message template - What message would you like to send them to confirm their recurring appointment?
Trigger event - Booking - Recurring
If type is - Would you like the message to be sent for only a particular appointment type?

The new communication trigger will be added to the list

Once this is set up, when you book patient related recurring appointments within WriteUpp, the specified message will be sent
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