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How do I switch off Pll in the calendar feed?

If you'd like to integrate your WriteUpp calendar with an external calendar, such as iCal or Google Calendar, you can choose to display the client's full name (PII - Patient Identifiable Information) or, if you'd like to hide this information, you can select to show their WUID instead. To switch from PII to WUID, simply follow the steps below: 

Go to Settings and open the General tab

Under 'What do you call your customers', you can specify what is shown in the calendar feed using the PII Setting dropdown. Select 'WUID (Non PII)' to hide patient names and show their WUID instead.

Click the green Save button at the bottom of the page

Open the Main Menu and go to Integrations & Add Ons -> Calendar Integrations -> Configure and copy your calendar feed URL

Remove your previous WriteUpp calendar link from your external calendar

Follow the steps in the below articles to re-add your calendar feed link:

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This will also prevent PII from being displayed on any sent notes/assessments and the WUID number will be displayed instead.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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