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How do you book a recurring Appointment?

Recurring appointments, that is, a series of appointments booked on the same day and time at set intervals for a period of weeks/months, can be set up when booking appointments into your diary. These can be either patient or non-patient related and are set up only when booking appointments. If you are editing an existing appointment, you won't see the option to set a recurrence.

Top Tip - if you intend on booking recurring appointments and you would like your patients to receive confirmation of these, you should also set up a recurring appointment confirmation via either SMS or email.

To book a recurring Appointment:

Go to the Diary by clicking on the Diary icon:

Toggle to the day you want the appointments to start from by using the forward and backward buttons and the mini-calendar

Click on the space in the Diary where you want the appointment to appear and the appointment dialog will pop up:

If it is a Patient Appointment, this will be the default and will use the details of your Active Patient

If it is a Non-patient Appointment, click that link (this will be the default if you have no selected patient), and enter a label for the appointment (i.e. "Meeting")

Select a Time and a Date (The start time will be determined initially by where you have clicked, and the end one will be determined by the default duration of the appointment type)

Select the Appointment Type from the drop-down list (i.e. "Follow-up")

Click on the Recurrence? drop down:

Select a Recurrence frequency:

Select when you want this Appointment Recurrence to end by picking a date from the Until field

Add any Comments as required

Click Save and the Appointments will appear in the Diary at the interval you have specified

Modifying one of these Appointments will not change the recurrences, so any changes must be made individually

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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