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How to Attach Files from File Storage to Appointment Communications

You can add attachments from File Storage to any Email Template in WriteUpp, including those for appointment communications. For example, you may wish to attach a file, such as an information leaflet, to all single appointment confirmations sent out via email.

To do this…

Head to Settings & Tools -> Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication. NOTE: You must have the role of Site Administrator to do this

Press the Email Templates button at the bottom of the page:

You will see a list of your existing Email Templates for appointment communications. To create a new template, press the +Add Template button at the bottom of the list, or to edit an existing template, press the Edit link

The ‘Message Template’ screen will open. Enter a Template Name and then complete the Subject and main body fields.

To also add an attachment from File Storage to the template, click the Manage Attachments button underneath the ‘Message Subject’ field. The 'Select Attachments' modal will open.

Select which files you would like to attach to the template. You can search for a specific file using the search bar, if needed (NOTE: The file Description is shown here and not the file Name). Once you are happy, press ‘Confirm’

If you would like to view all files in File Storage, including those uploaded by other users on your site, then untick the ‘Show my files only’ box at the bottom of the modal.

You will be taken back to your template and in the 'Attachments' section, it will list the selected files. To view any of them, simply click on the link, or to change any of the files you have attached, click the Manage Attachments button again.

Once you are happy, press Save Template

You will be taken back to the ‘Message Templates’ screen where you will see your new Email Template for appointment communications listed.

Press the ‘Back to message’ link to return to the Appointment Communications tab

You can now create a trigger using the new Email Template, or if you edited an existing template already in use, then next time an appointment communications gets sent out with that template, it will include the attachments!

Warning: The maximum size of an email that can be sent from WriteUpp is 10MB. Please bear this in mind when attaching files to email templates for appointment communications, as it could prevent your confirmations/reminders from getting sent out!

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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