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How to Upload Files to File Storage

The File Storage area in WriteUpp works a bit like a filing cabinet in an office.

You can upload general files to it, in the form of PDFs, word documents, images and many more, which can then be attached to Emails and Direct Messages being sent out from within WriteUpp.

Files uploaded to File Storage are NOT saved under the Active Client, as this is a separate storage area in WriteUpp to the client record.

Warning: Files specific to a client should NOT be uploaded here. This storage area is for general files that you may wish to send out to all clients (such as a patient information leaflet) and should NOT hold any files that contain confidential client information. This is because files in File Storage cannot be made private. Please continue to upload files/notes/documents specific to a client to the client record.

To upload a file to the File Storage area:

Head to Settings & Tools -> File Storage

You will see the File Storage area. Click the Select Files to Upload button at the bottom of the page to upload a new file:

Locate and select the file from your computer files that you would like to upload to the File Storage area

Want to quickly upload multiple files? You can select up to 10 files from your computer to upload at a time

Choose to upload the selected file. It will then appear in the File Storage area once it has finished uploading. If you have selected multiple files, you will see all of these in the File Storage area once they have finished uploading.

Files upload automatically, so if you wish to edit a file, such as the Description for it, you will have to do this after it has finished uploading. Please read the following article to learn more about editing files in File Storage - How to Edit Files in File Storage

Large file types or uploading multiple files at the same time may take a few minutes to load. If the upload button is displaying a spinner, file(s) are uploading.

Did you know? You can see files that other users on your site have uploaded to File Storage by unticking the ‘Show my files only’ checkbox at the top of the page

Now you have uploaded a file, you can head to Create -> Message and attach it to an Email or Direct Message!

How to Attach Files from File Storage to Emails
How to Attach Files from File Storage to Direct Messages

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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