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How to Attach Files from File Storage to Email Templates

You can attach files from File Storage to Email Templates, making it quicker to compose emails with attachments that you frequently send out from within WriteUpp.

To attach files from File Storage to an Email Template:

Go to Create -> Message and the Email screen should open

Click the ‘Manage Templates’ link

You will be taken to the ‘Message Templates’ page with a list of all you existing email templates

Click the Add Template button, or if you want to attach a file to an existing template, click the Edit link

On the 'Message Template' screen, enter a Template Name, Subject and some text into the main body field.

To attach a file, click the Manage Attachments button:

The ‘Select attachments’ modal will open, listing all of your files from File Storage

Tick the files you would like to add to the Email Template. You can search for specific files using the search bar, if needed (NOTE: The file Description is shown here and not the file Name)

Untick the ‘Show my files only’ checkbox to see all files in File Storage, including those uploaded by other users on your site.

Press Confirm when you have selected all of the files you would like to add

Warning: The maximum size of an email that can be sent from WriteUpp is 10MB, meaning if you have a lot of files attached to an email template, then when you use it, the email may not get sent.

The files will then be added to the template. Under the ‘Attachments’ section, you will see links for the attachments, which you can click on to view them. If you want to change the files you have selected, click the Manage attachments button to open the ‘Select attachments’ modal again.

When you are happy with your email template, click Save Template

You will be directed back to the ‘Message Templates’ screen, where you will see your new template listed.

Click the Back to Message link to return to the Email screen. You will now be able to select the new template from the ‘Select Template’ dropdown, and the details and attachments added to the template will populate the fields.

When sending a note, document, assessment, invoice or consent via email, you have a different set of Email Templates for each. You can attach files from File Storage to all of these templates too!

Did you know? You can also add files from File Storage to Email Templates for appointment communications. Read more here.

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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