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How to Edit Files in File Storage

When you select a file to upload to the File Storage area in WriteUpp, the file uploads automatically. The default File Type is assigned to it and the description becomes the file name.

However, you may wish to assign a different File Type or edit the description of the newly uploaded file. You can do this once the file has finished uploading.

To Edit a file in the File Storage area:

Head to Settings & Tools -> File Storage

You will see the File Storage area and any files you have already uploaded will be listed

Click on the Pencil icon at the end of the row of the file you would like to edit:

This will open the 'Edit Attachment' modal, where you can edit the description, File Type and Password setting of the file. Press Save when you are happy, and the attachment details will be updated.

If you simply need to edit the File Type associated with the file, you can do this from the Type column. Click on the dropdown in the Type column of the file you wish to edit, and select a new type from the dropdown menu. To learn more about creating and customising File Types, read here.

Alternatively, you can edit the file when viewing it. Click the name of the file that you wish to edit

The file viewer will open, allowing you to see the file:

To edit the file, click on the Pencil icon at the bottom of the page

The ‘Edit attachment’ modal will open. Here you can edit the Description field and select a different File Type from the dropdown.

Tip: We highly recommend editing the description of all the files you upload to File Storage. The description is what is shown in the ‘Select attachments’ modal when adding a file to an email or DM, so we suggest giving your files a meaningful description.

When you are happy with your changes, press Save

Press Back to return to the File Storage area, and you will see the changes you made to the file in the columns

If you click on the Download icon at the end of the row of the file you would like to edit, you will also see the Edit icon on this screen too.

Did you know? You can see files that other users on your site have uploaded to File Storage by unticking the ‘Show my files only’ checkbox at the top of the page.

NOTE: Site Administrators can edit all files in File Storage, including those uploaded by other users. However, users with the Privileged, Regular or Restricted roles can only edit files that they have uploaded. They will NOT see the Pencil icon for files they did not upload, as they cannot edit other users' files in File Storage.

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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