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How to bulk send emails to your clients

There are a number of ways you can bulk send emails to your clients with the help of WriteUpp:

The easiest way is through the Mailchimp integration. If you already have a Mailchimp account, then the process couldn't be easier. Head to the Integrations & Add ons screen in WriteUpp and connect your account to start exporting contacts and syncing new clients to Mailchimp straight away.

Find out everything you need to know about the Mailchimp integration here.

Mailchimp offer a free pricing plan ideal for beginners, so even if it's not something you currently use, it may be worth looking into how it could start helping you manage patient communications today.

Another option is to export your client list manually into Mailchimp, or your chosen bulk email program.

If you use an alternative bulk email program to Mailchimp or simply do not wish to connect your Mailchimp account to WriteUpp, then you can export a list of all of your clients in WriteUpp and import this into your chosen email marketing platform.

One way of doing this is by heading to the Main Menu in WriteUpp and choosing Tools -> Data Export -> Clients:

You can then export this information to either Excel or CSV using the buttons at the bottom of the page, and afterwards, follow the import process steps set by your chosen program to add them as contacts.  

Alternatively, you can export a list of current open clients by going to Main Menu -> Caseload within WriteUpp, and choosing Open Episode. Again, you can export this list to CSV and then import it into your chosen program. 

The full process for exporting clients to Mailchimp (without using the Mailchimp integration) is covered step by step in the below article:

How do I export to Mailchimp?

If you do not want to use a bulk email program, you can simply copy and paste the email addresses from these CSV files into the BCC field of your chosen email client. NOTE: If you do this, please be sure to use the BCC field and not To, as this reveals all of your client email addresses to the other recipients.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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