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How to Edit the Starting the Session Number of an Episode

When you open a new episode for a client, you can edit the starting session number, so that the appointment count for that episode starts at a number other than ‘1’. If you do not choose to edit the starting session number, the first appointment will be numbered ‘1’, and the count will continue from there.

The starting session number is a useful tool for keeping track of how many appointments a client has attended in an episode. You can read more about it here.

You can edit the starting session number for new and existing episodes.

To edit the starting session number of a new episode:

Create a new episode for the client - click here for more detailed steps on how to do this

Once the episode has been created, head to the Patient Summary and select the Episodes tab

Click on the Title of the new episode. This will open an overview of the episode, with ‘Episode Information’ and ‘Episode Summary’ sections.

In the Episode Information section, you will see the ‘Starting session number’ field. Click into this field and remove the ‘1’. You can then add any number you wish for your appointment count to start at. You can type the number straight into the field or use the up/down arrows:

Changing the starting session number may be particularly useful if you have just joined WriteUpp and have patients midway through treatment. You can simply change the starting session number of the episode to ensure the appointment count is correct, without having to add all of the completed appointments into the diary.

When you are happy with the details of the episode, press Save.

Head to the diary and in the appointment modal, you will see that the first appointment in the episode has the new starting session number. The count will then continue from there.

You can also edit the starting session number of existing episodes using the same method. The starting session numbers of any existing appointments in the episode will then be updated to reflect the new starting session number.

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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