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Numbering of appointments within a treatment episode

When clients are undergoing treatment, each appointment within an episode will be automatically numbered with a count displayed against the appointment. This is the Session Number and is designed to display how many appointments are booked in for a client within an episode.

You will see the session count displayed in three places within WriteUpp:
The Appointment modal when booking or viewing an appointment
The Appointments tab of the Client Summary
The Appointment Details page for each appointment

The count will include any appointment with a status that has the setting 'Does it mean the Client is attending?' as 'Yes'. It will not include any appointments with this setting as 'No' - these will be displayed as 'N/A' across the various viewpoints to indicate they they've been excluded.

Booking and viewing appointments

When booking appointments for a client, you will see the Session Number displayed at the bottom of the modal. This will be particularly helpful if clients have a limit to the number of sessions they can book:

This number will be a count of the total number of appointments booked within the episode for the client, including the appointment contained within the modal. This ensures you can see how many appointments a client has, prior to saving a new one into the diary.

If you are booking an additional appointment for a client before their next, previously scheduled appointment, the number you see displayed when booking the appointment will be the total number of sessions booked. Once the appointment is saved, if you reopen the details, the number displayed will show you where in the sequence that particular appointment is.

For example, this client has 2 further appointments booked, taking their current total to 39 sessions. They request an additional appointment, which you can see listed as number 40 when booking it in for them:

However, once the appointment is saved, WriteUpp will correctly order the appointments by date and time, and on reopening the appointment in the diary, you can see that it has been numbered 38:

Appointments listed on the Client Summary

In the Appointments tab of the Client Summary, the Session Number column shows the Session Number count of each appointment:

You will also see an entry for the Session Number count when viewing the details of an appointment:

Did you know, you can edit the Starting session number of new and existing episodes? Click here for all the information you need on that!

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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