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Managing Gmail authentication with WriteUpp

If you have a Gmail account, or a custom domain hosted by Google, you can authenticate your Gmail account for use with WriteUpp. This allows your outbound emails to be sent via your own email servers using your email address and the name associated with it, with replies also returned to this email address. It is a site wide setting, so all emails from all users will be sent using the email address you authenticate, with all replies returned to the same address.

If you currently use a Google hosted address via SMTP within WriteUpp, you will need to change over to this Gmail authentication pathway by the end of January 2021. Google are discontinuing the current method of authenticating the SMTP solution in February 2021, hence this new validation route to ensure you can continue to use your email account with WriteUpp!

By using your Google email account to deliver emails from WriteUpp:

Delivery of all emails sent will be your responsibility
We will be unable to provide support relating to email failures, as they will be sent by your servers and not ours
Delivery information will not be displayed on the client summary
If your credentials change at any point, you'll need to re-authenticate your account with the new details

Alternatively, you can find information on using the WriteUpp servers to deliver your emails here.

Setting up Gmail authentication

If you'd like to use your Gmail account to send emails from WriteUpp:

Open the Main Menu at the top left of your screen and choose Integrations & Add-Ons

Choose Configure from within the Gmail section

You can also access the email settings screen from by opening the main menu and choosing Settings -> More -> Email

On the Email Settings page, click Sign in with Google at the bottom:

You'll then be prompted to sign into your Google account using the credentials you use to access your email account:

You might also be asked to choose an account, if you're already signed into Google in another tab:

Once you've entered or confirmed your credentials, you'll be asked to allow WriteUpp access to your Google account to be able to send emails on your behalf. To grant access, click Allow, or to return to WriteUpp at this point, click Cancel:

Once you've allowed access, you'll be taken back to WriteUpp, where you'll see details on the account connected:

Click on Test Connection and a test email will be sent to the email address connected to your WriteUpp log in. You'll see confirmation of this on screen:

Check your email account where you should see an email with the subject "Gmail Test Connection from WriteUpp"

Any outbound emails you send from WriteUpp will now be routed through this pathway and sent via your Google account.

Reverting to the WriteUpp email servers

If you would like to revert back to the WriteUpp email servers:

Access the Email Settings page via either Integrations & Add-ons -> Gmail -> Configure or Settings -> More -> Email

Click on Revert to WriteUpp Email Server

You'll then see confirmation that your emails are being sent by WriteUpp using the default settings, and that your Gmail account is not currently connected.

We will however remember your details, in case you want to enable with the same account at a later date. Alternatively, you can click on Forget User Details to remove these completely from WriteUpp.

Changing the authenticated Gmail account

If you'd like to change the Gmail account connected to WriteUpp:

Access the Email Settings page via either Integrations & Add-ons -> Gmail -> Configure or Settings -> More -> Email

Click on Revert to WriteUpp Email Server

Click on Forget User details

Click on Sign in with Google and follow the on screen instructions to authenticate the new Gmail account

Troubleshooting Gmail authentication

If any problems arise when attempting to send emails from WriteUpp via Gmail, you will see a Failed to send email message on screen when manually sending an email:

Or a notification if an automated email like an appointment confirmation has failed:

If you experience either of these, you can re-sign in to Google via WriteUpp. Access the Email Settings page via either Integrations & Add-ons -> Gmail -> Configure or Settings -> More -> Email, and take a look at the credentials displayed at the bottom of the screen. If any problems have been detected, you might also see information here:

To re-authenticate your account, click on Sign in with Google and follow the steps displayed on screen. Once that's done, you should see confirmation on screen that WriteUpp is connected to Gmail.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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