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Online booking prepayments with Square

Requesting online booking prepayment from your clients can be a great way to reduce your DNA rate, and to limit the time you spend dealing with payments post treatment. Online booking prepayments will incur a charge of 1.9% per transaction.

Pre-paying an appointment via online booking

Once you've switched on prepayments within online booking, full payment will be requested from clients as part of the booking process. Clients won't be able to confirm an appointment without completing the payment.

Once clients have selected their appointment type, and confirmed or entered their details (depending on whether you require additional verification), they'll click on Next to pre-pay for the appointment:

They'll see the cost requested in the header of the payment section, and should then complete all of the requested fields, including the card payment information, before clicking on Confirm:

The payment request will be submitted. If the payment fails, this will be displayed to the cardholder on screen along with the reason for the failure.

Once payment has been taken, the appointment will be confirmed to the client, along with the payment status:

If a pre-payment fails here, the appointment will not be booked. Clients will be able to try again using the same or a different card, or can click on your logo at the top left to return to the homepage to start again.

When a payment is successful, you will receive a notification of the payment, as well as the online booking, within WriteUpp:

As part of the booking process, an invoice will be created for the appointment, which can easily be accessed from the payment notification by clicking on Go to Invoice. It'll be marked as paid via Square:

The payment will appear in your Square dashboard under Transactions, identified by the WriteUpp invoice number:

The payment details will contain information on the appointment booked:

Square is only available to WriteUpp users based in the UK. For those of you who are not UK based, you will be able to set up Stripe, which allows online payments only

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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