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Secure Internal communication in 5 Easy steps

There are few things more important to a business than communication. As the saying goes, the right hand needs to know what the left hand is doing!

Internal messaging is great for bringing employees in different locations together but even colleagues sitting in the same clinic can benefit from Internal Messaging. As remote workers, here at WriteUpp, we couldn’t do without an internal messaging system. Most of the time it’s business related chat but sometimes, we just like to have a chin wag!

The joy of Internal Messaging is that it is less disruptive than a phone call or someone knocking on your door to ask a question! After all, it’s more difficult to manage lots of calls and staff when you have a busy clinic to attend too. Not only that but phone calls can be easily brushed aside and a conversation forgotten. By using Internal Messaging you have an archived message than can be returned to when needed!

Not only are Internal Messages almost instantaneous (depending on your connection speed!), they won’t cost you a penny either, so it really is a great way to send messages to your team. When you send an internal message to a colleague in WriteUpp, they will see a notification which will visible until they open the message. Better still, they can reply from within that notification! It’s so easy!

Here are a few examples of the way they could be used:

Patient-related – Message to Admin or your Virtual Administrator – “Please book follow-up for this client”
Patient-related – Secure internal communication with a colleague about a particular client – “How do you feel about referring xyz to a Maxillo-facial consultant”
Non Patient-related – Message to a colleague – “Do you have xyz machine?” or a very simple “I need a cuppa!”

Internal Messages in WriteUpp are not routed out on to the public internet. They reside within the application and as such can be used for secure communication.
As with everything in WriteUpp, sending an Internal message is super simple. It only takes 5 simple steps to send a secure message to your colleague!

Select Create -> Message at the top of the page
Select “Internal Message”
Choose who you would like to send your secure internal message to
Compose your message
Hit Send!

You can read all about it in more detail here.

We would love to hear your feedback on Internal Messaging. Drop us a comment on our social media pages and let us, and your fellow WriteUpper’s, know how you use Internal Messaging. We’d love to hear all about it!

As always, if you have any questions about Internal Messaging (or anything else!), grab us on live chat or drop us a line at

Updated on: 07/07/2022

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