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Sending email from WriteUpp using SMTP

NOTE: SMTP is only available within WriteUpp if configured before 16/09/2020.

To alter your existing SMTP settings, you can now find the SMTP configuration under Main Menu -> Integrations & Add Ons:

To alter your settings, including updating the password for your email account, click on Configure.

Once you have updated your SMTP details, click on the "Test Connection" button. The test will attempt to use the settings you have entered to send an email to the Site Administrator's email account.

If you have received the "Test Connection" email click on Yes. If not, then you may wish to try again although in our experience if the connection doesn't work first time it is likely that there is some issue with the way your mail server is configured.

Once you click on "Yes" ALL emails from WriteUpp will be sent from your email account. As we have no control over your email server we cannot provide any assurances that your email will be delivered and there is potentially a greater risk that your emails may be caught by spam filters. We also cannot provide any support if you have any issues with the delivery of email messages sent from WriteUpp, as these go through your own server, and not ours

If you wish to revert to sending email via our email servers, go into Integrations & Add Ons -> SMTP -> Configure and click on Revert to WriteUpp Mail Server

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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