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Sending emails via the internal service in WriteUpp

In WriteUpp you can send outbound emails via the internal email service in WriteUpp.

If you use the internal email service in WriteUpp:

there’s no set-up or technical knowledge required
your messages are encrypted in flight via SSL
your messages benefit from enhanced deliverability so there’s less chance of them ending up in spam or junk folders
your messages will appear From: “Your Practice Name” so that your clients know who they have come from
you’ll never miss a reply as the “reply-to” email address specified in your outbound messages will be the practice email specified in Settings->Organisation

When you use the internal email service in WriteUpp messages will appear in the recipients inbox “From” whatever name you have specified in Settings -> Organisation:

and replies to your outbound messages will be routed through to your practice email address, also specified in Settings -> Organisation

If you want see how it works and what your clients will receive in their inbox we'd suggest sending a message to yourself (ideally to a different email address to the one specified in Settings -> Organisation)

Please also note that replies to emails sent from WriteUpp do not come back into WriteUpp or save to the patient's record.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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