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Site Verification upon Trial Sign-up

Here at WriteUpp, we ask every user who takes out a trial with us to verify their email address before they can use certain features. This is an important security measure.

I've just taken out a trial with WriteUpp, how do I verify my email address?

When you take out a trial with WriteUpp, you will receive a Welcome email, which will include details of your username and the unique URL for your site. Below this information, you will see a large, blue button with the text ‘Verify your email address’:

Hit this button within the Welcome email and it will verify both your user email address and the site.

What happens if I do not verify my email address upon trial sign-up?

If you do not click the ‘Verify your email address’ button within the Welcome email, then you will have limited access to WriteUpp. The following features will be blocked until you have verified your email address:

Create → Message screen. You will not be able to send emails, internal messages, text messages or direct messages from within WriteUpp
Appointment communications. Within the appointment modal, the area where you can manage appointment triggers will be blocked, as these will not be sent until you have verified your site
Settings → Account Details. You will not be able to subscribe to WriteUpp or purchase text credits or video minutes from the Account tab
Invite New Users. Under Settings → Users, you will not see the ‘Invite New User’ button, as you cannot invite a new user to your site until it is verified

Fear not, as soon as you hit the ‘Verify your email address’ button in your Welcome email from WriteUpp, all these features will become available and you will have full access to WriteUpp.

I can’t find my Welcome email to verify my email address, what should I do?

Head to Settings → Users and click ‘Edit Profile’ for your user. If you are already verified, a green tick will appear next to your email address:

However, if your email address is yet to be verified, then you will see a grey exclamation mark next to the email address field. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a blue box informing you that your email address needs to be verified:

Click on the blue ‘Send Verification Email’ button and we will send an email to that address with a verification link in it.

I want to change my email address for my user, will I have to verify again?

Upon trial sign-up, the first user on the site (the Site Administrator) will verify the whole site when they verify their email address. Once this is done, all blocked features become available and full access to WriteUpp is granted. If you decide to change your user email address, WriteUpp features will NOT become blocked again. However, we will ask you to verify the new email address.

To change your user’s email address and verify it:

Head to Settings → Users and click 'Edit Profile' on your user
Delete the old email address from the email field and enter the new one
Press Save
Head to your emails (for the new email address). You will have an email from WriteUpp asking you to verify your new email address
Click the link in the email and your new email address will be verified!

This is also the case if you change another user’s email address on your site; they will need to verify their new email address. Warning: changing a user’s email also updates their login information, as they will need to use the new email address to sign in.

If you change your user’s email address back to one that was previously verified, then you will NOT be required to verify it again.

I want to invite a new user to my site, will they have to verify their email address?

As the Site Administrator, you can only invite a new user to your WriteUpp site once you have verified your email address. When you have done this, your site will also be verified and you will gain full access to WriteUpp.

As you have already verified the site, any new users you invite will have full access to WriteUpp, regardless of whether or not they have verified their own email address. However, they will still be asked to verify their email address.

Any new users you invite will receive a Welcome email, with details of their username, the unique site URL and their temporary password. Below this information, they will also see a ‘Verify your email address’ button. Clicking this link will verify their email address.

When you head to Settings → Users and click on ‘Edit Profile’ for a user, you will be able to see whether or not they have verified their email address. If they have not and need the verification link sent to their email address again, then simply click the ‘Send verification email’ button at the bottom of the page, and they will receive a new verification email.

Here at WriteUpp, we love to keep things simple and we appreciate that this is an extra step in getting started on your WriteUpp journey, but it is an important one. Verifying your email address helps to protect us from fake users, so that we can keep providing the best possible service to you.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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