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How much does the trial cost and what do I get?

Nothing, it's free and you get full access to WriteUpp during the trial period!

Your trial also includes the online booking add-on, which is a super feature that allows patients to book directly into your diary, 24/7.

You also get 20 SMS credits included to allow you to try out the functions within WriteUpp that use these, like SMS confirmations and reminders. If you use these up, you can purchase another bundle to see you through your trial, but this is entirely optional. You also get 1000 video minutes, allowing you to put WriteUpp's inbuilt video consultations to the test before you commit.

You don’t have to enter any billing information to sign up for a WriteUpp trial. This is all done at the end of the trial if you do choose to subscribe.

We want you to have a good opportunity to try out WriteUpp and see how effortlessly simple it is to use, so you get 30 days to put it through its paces.

You’ll have to subscribe to continue using your WriteUpp account after the trial has ended. Don't worry, we'll get in touch to warn you when your 30 days of free access are nearly up and help you to select an appropriate payment plan if you do wish to subscribe.

While you familiarise yourself with WriteUpp and make your decision, we’ve got a ton of resources you can draw on. Our Help Centre is packed full with helpful articles and how to guides or if you're more of a visual learner, check out some helpful video guides here.

And of course, please don’t hesitate to get it touch with the team if you have any questions, or if you’d like a hand. We’re more than happy to point you in the right direction or suggest a solution if you’re trying to achieve something specific. The little live chat icon can be found at the bottom right of your WriteUpp site.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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