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Switching from SMTP to Gmail Authentication

Google discontinued the current method of authenticating the SMTP solution on 15th February 2021. To ensure you can continue to use your email account with WriteUpp, we implemented a new validation route which you'll need to switch over to. If you haven't switched over by 15/02/21, emails sent from WriteUpp will fail to send as the SMTP pathway will no longer be permitted.

This pathway will provide exactly the same solution as SMTP does currently, in routing all outbound emails sent from WriteUpp via your Gmail email servers, and not our own. As with SMTP:

Delivery of all emails sent from WriteUpp will be your responsibility
We will be unable to provide support relating to email failures, as they will be sent by your servers and not ours
Delivery information will not be displayed on the client summary
If your Google credentials change at any point, you will need to re-authenticate your account within WriteUpp

It's simply a different way of granting WriteUpp access to your Google account to send emails on your behalf.

To switch from SMTP to Gmail authentication:

Open the Main Menu at the top left of your screen and choose Integrations & Add-Ons

Choose Configure from within the Gmail section

On the Email Settings page, click Sign in with Google at the bottom:

You'll then be prompted to sign into your Google account using the credentials you use to access your email account:

You might also be asked to choose an account, if you're already signed in with Google in another tab in your browser:

Once you've entered or confirmed your credentials, you'll be asked to allow WriteUpp access to your Google account to be able to send emails on your behalf. To grant access, click Allow, or to return to WriteUpp at this point, click Cancel:

Once you've allowed access, you'll be taken back to WriteUpp, where you'll see details on the account connected and a confirmation that emails will be sent via your Gmail account:

Click on Test Connection and a test email will be sent to the email address connected to your WriteUpp log in. You'll see confirmation of this on screen:

Check your email account where you should see an email with the subject "Gmail Test Connection from WriteUpp" to confirm that the connection has been made successfully

Go back to WriteUpp and again open the main menu and choose Integrations & Add-Ons

This time choose Configure from within the SMTP section

Click on Revert to WriteUpp Mail Server at the foot of the page

The SMTP settings will then be removed from your WriteUpp site and you'll be taken back to the Integrations & Add-Ons screen, where you'll no longer see an option for SMTP. All outbound emails will be routed via the new authentication pathway to be sent by your Google email account

You must make sure you remove the SMTP settings by clicking on Revert to WriteUpp Mail Server. If you don't, the SMTP settings will take precedence over the new authentication pathway and following 15/02/21, your emails may fail to send

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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