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What happens to a Direct Message after it's been opened?

Once a Direct Message has been opened for the first time an expiry limit, that has been predefined by you, will 'kick in'. The expiry limits available are:

1 hour
1 day
1 week

The recipient will always be able to access the contents of anything sent with an expiry of Never.  If anything else is chosen, the message and any documents it contains will not be available to the recipient after the timeframe set.

The expiry limit is set within the message model:

Once the recipient opens the link to access the message, they will be able to see details of when the message will expire. They'll have access to the content until the date shown to them.

You can also see this information after a message has been sent in the Message Header within the Message Summary by clicking on View Header.

If a recipient tries to access an expired Direct Message they will be taken to a page advising that the message no longer exists.

Expired messages will continue to be visible in the Messages tab of the Patient Summary.  You will see details on messages which have expired once you click to open the message.  The status indicator next to Message Summary will include Expired.

If the information contained within the message needs to be sent again after it has expired, a new Direct Message should be created.

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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