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What is the consent portal?

In WriteUpp, we try to make it as easy, but as secure as possible for you to interact with your clients. To achieve this, we use the concept of a portal.

One of the things the portal is used for is securely gaining consent via email.

It relies upon a unique link that is embedded into an email that you send to your client. The user clicks on this link, which then takes them through to the portal where they can complete the required action, such as providing consent.

Once they have completed the action, we automatically update the client's record in WriteUpp. 

So, if your client provides consent via the portal, their record in WriteUpp will automatically show that they have consented.

This approach is obviously very convenient for your clients, but it also allows you to automate what can be time-consuming tasks.

Here's an example of what the consent portal looks like:

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Updated on: 23/04/2024

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