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How do I send a Direct Message?

A Direct Message (DM) allows you to send a message to a patient directly from WriteUpp with an extra layer of security. It uses an email containing a link to a message and a SMS containing an access code to 'unlock' that message.  

There are a few things you will need to have in place in order to send a direct message:

An email address for the recipient
A mobile number for the recipient
SMS credits - How do I purchase SMS Credits?

Click on Create -> Message

Select the Direct Message tab then click on Send Direct Message

You'll then see a list of contacts linked to the patient. Select who you would like to send the message to:

Type your message, choose an expiry time limit, then click Send

You will see a confirmation that your message has been sent (You will be given the option to not show this message again if you wish)

Any messages sent via this route will appear in the Messages tab of the Patient Summary

You have the option to create and use templates if you continually send the same kind of message. To insert a template, click on Templates while on the message screen and select from the list of available templates

You can also send a Direct Message by clicking on the Active Patient dropdown and selecting Send Direct Message

You’ll have the option of sending each document type within WriteUpp as a Direct Message:


Just look for the DM icon alongside the print, email and delete icons once you have created a new document or opened an existing one that you’d like to send:

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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