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Creating and managing users

Once has been enabled on a WriteUpp account, each user will be able to connect to under Integrations & Add Ons. While users who have not connected will be able to access referrals sent by other users, they won’t be able to create any of their own until they have followed the steps to connect. is available to all user roles

To connect to, open the main menu, choose Integrations & Add Ons and click on Configure under

This will allow you to add a title, first name, last name and email address for yourself. The first name, last name and email address fields will be pre-populated with your user information, but you can edit this if you need to. Title is optional, but name and email address are required fields. You can also tick the box if you’d like to receive information from

Once you have entered all the necessary details, click the blue Connect button.

Connecting to will create you as a user on the system. This is needed to manage the referral pathway and to ensure that the reports and images are returned back to WriteUpp for you. The name and title you enter when connecting will also be included on the emails that your patients receive from about their referral.

If the connection is successful, you’ll see this on screen and can start using the integration to create scan referrals for your patients!

If there are any problems when creating a user, you’ll see this on screen. For example, an email address can only be used once to create a user, so if your email address is already in use you'll see a message that it cannot be used:

If you do not have the user role of site administrator but wish to use the integration, then speak to your site administrator and ask them to enable it. Once it has been enabled, the integration will become available to you on the Integrations & Add Ons screen. Click the green Configure button and enter your own user details to connect!

Updating details

The only details you can change once you are connected to are your email address and your marketing preference. If you do wish to edit either of these, then simply make the change and then hit the Update Details button. This will save the changes:

The title, first name and last name fields cannot be updated once you have created a user. To change any of these fields, you will have to forget the user and connect again using a different email address.


If you’re experiencing any issues with whilst connected, then you can try reconnecting using the Reconnect button. If the reconnection is successful, then you will see a green banner saying ‘ reconnected’. Reconnecting simply refreshes the connection between WriteUpp and

Disconnect from

If you wish to disconnect your user from, then click the Disconnect from link. A pop-up will appear asking if you’re sure you want to do this. This is because once you disconnect your user, you will no longer be able to create new scan referrals. If you’re sure you want to do this, then click Yes and your user will be disconnected.

However, we will remember your user details, so if you wish to reconnect with the same email address, it's super easy to do. Simply click the Reconnect button and you’ll be up and running again ⬇️

Reconnect when disconnected

When you disconnect from, we remember all the details that were entered for your user when you were still connected. This makes reconnecting really easy!

Simply click the Reconnect button at the bottom of the page. You will then be reconnected to and can start creating referrals again straight away.

Forgetting user details

If you want to forget your user completely, then you can do so using the Forget user details link. This option will only be made available once you have disconnected your user.

If you forget your user, we’ll still keep the details saved in the background to make sure that you retain access to referrals that were created using it. This also means that if you connect with the same email address again, we’ll reconnect you to the original user linked to that email address.

If you need to update your title, first name or last name, you'll need to forget the user details and connect again to When you do this, you must also use a different email address. Using the same email address will connect you with the title, first name and last name that are linked to it.

Updated on: 13/06/2023

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