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Introduction to is a leading network of private medical imaging services, with over 150 locations offering MRI, CT, Ultrasound and X-Ray appointments. Providing patients with an easy-to-use scan booking platform, the expert team at provide a choice of price and location, expert clinical vetting, and a fast-tracked process from referral to results.

With the WriteUpp | integration, you can quickly and easily generate a scan referral from within WriteUpp to enter your patients into the imaging pathway. Simply use the referral form to select the scan type and what body parts need to be scanned and we will do the rest!

With the patient then invited via email to book and pay for their scan online, the images and reports are returned securely to WriteUpp following its conclusion. The process couldn’t be simpler!

If you frequently refer your patients for scans, then this is the perfect integration for you. It won’t only save you time, it will also make the whole process incredibly easy for the patient!

For more information on how imaging can assist in a patient's care, the modalities offered by and details of the clinical due diligence processes followed, you can check out the Guide to modalities and referrals.

Never heard of Check them out and get integrated today!


The first thing you’ll need to do is enable the integration, which can be done by a site administrator. You can follow the steps to enable here.

You, and any other users on your site, will then be able to add your user details and connect to As soon as you’re connected, you can start sending referrals!

To read more about connecting, reconnecting and disconnecting users, check out the steps here.

Creating scan referrals

Once is enabled and you’ve connected to, you’re all set and you can start creating scan referrals for patients. This is covered in more detail here.

All user roles will have access to create scan referrals, as long as they’ve connected to under their own WriteUpp login first. Anyone who doesn't connect to will still be able to open referrals created by other users.

Once the referral form has been sent, a copy of it will be saved to the Files tab of the patient summary. You’ll be able to view the form to check the details, track the booking history and see links to reports and images once they become available. You'll also be able to cancel a referral from within WriteUpp up until the point that the patient has booked and paid for it.

To learn more about what happens after a scan referral form has been completed, read our guide on What to expect after sending a scan referral.

We've also put together a patient guide on a scan referral which covers what your patients will need to do and what they can expect to see as the scan progresses. FAQs

If there’s anything else you’d like to find out, you can check out our FAQs for some further information. You can also find the frequently asked questions here.

Need more information on the integration? Check out all the articles linked above or grab us for a live chat. We’re always happy to help!

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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