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Patient guide to a referral

In this article, we'll look at what a patient will see and be required to do from their end once you have sent off a scan referral form for them through WriteUpp, using the integration.

Once the referral has been sent from WriteUpp, the patient will receive an email from inviting them to make a booking:

They'll also receive a text message advising that a referral has been made, and asking them to check their email for booking instructions:

They should click on the Complete booking button within their email to arrange their appointment and make payment to ensure that the referral remains linked to your WriteUpp account to allow the report and images to be returned afterwards. If a patient books independently on the website after a referral, we won't be able to retrieve the information from WriteUpp.

Once the patient clicks on the Complete booking button, the online booking portal will open. The patient should indicate whether they are covered with private medical insurance, and then enter their postcode, town or city to find a location for their scan.

Patients should check with their private medical insurer to confirm if they are covered for private imaging via prior to completing their booking.

Based on the location entered, the patient will then be presented with a list of centres that are available for the required scan.

When they have decided which centre suits their needs best, they will either see a list of available appointments or be taken directly to a list of safety questions, depending on whether the centre has made their appointments available online.

If a centre has made their appointments available online, the patient will be able to select the date and time which suits them best, before proceeding to the safety questions:

If a centre has not made appointments available on screen, the patient will see a notice stating this. They should continue with the booking and make payment, after which the centre will be in touch to arrange an appointment.

Regardless of appointment availability, the patient must then answer a series of safety questions, dependent on the type of scan booked. They'll also be asked to provide GP details, in case of an emergency.

Once this has all been completed by the patient, they will be taken to the payment screen, where they must pay for their scan online. They may pay by card or PayPal:

The last screen will be the confirmation screen, with all the details of their booking also sent to the patient via email:

After making a booking, the team at will review the information provided in both the referral form from WriteUpp and the safety questions completed as part of the booking and contact the patient to conduct a phone consultation to complete the referral process.

Once the phone consultation is complete, the referral will be sent to the chosen scanning centre in advance of the appointment date.

Following the scan conclusion, the patient will also receive a copy of the report via email once it is available.

Updated on: 13/06/2023

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