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Enabling on your WriteUpp account allows you (and any other users!) to connect seamlessly to the system to easily refer patients directly from the patient summary. The patient receives an email with a link to book themselves in for the scan at a convenient time and place for them and once they’ve attended, you’ll receive the scan report directly to their file in WriteUpp.

Only site administrators can enable

To enable

Head to Settings & Tools -> Integrations & Add Ons from the main menu

Locate the integration and click the green Configure button

On the integration screen, click the blue Enable button

Once a site administrator has enabled, other users on the site (with privileged, regular and restricted user roles), will be able to access the integration from the Integrations & Add Ons page. These user groups won’t see the option to enable or disable, they’ll only be able to enter their own details to connect as a user.

Creating and managing users is covered in more detail here.


To disable for all users across the site, click the Disable button at the top of the Integration page:

Only site administrators can disable

Once has been disabled, you will no longer be able to create orders for scan referrals or view any existing scan referrals. You will have to enable again to do this.

Updated on: 13/06/2023

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