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How do I add email templates for appointment communications?

There are a number of default email templates pre-defined within WriteUpp for use with confirmations and reminders, but you can add as many others as you like.

To add an email template:

Go to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication

Click on Email Templates at the bottom of the screen

Click on +Add Template

Complete the template details, to include a template name, a message subject and content

Note: Email templates in WriteUpp have a content limit of around 8,000 characters.

Top Tips:
If you have information about your practice on a webpage (like directions or pricing information) that you also add to your email templates, adding a link out to these pages can be a really easy way of limiting the amount of text you add to email templates.
If you are copying and pasting text from elsewhere, either from within WriteUpp or from a webpage or a word document for example, you might pick up some stray HTML formatting which will increase the number of characters you use. To avoid this, you should either:
Paste the text into the notepad on your computer first then copy and paste the plain text into WriteUpp. You can then use the tools to format your templates.
Compose your templates manually by typing text and entering variables

Then hit Save Template and you'll see your new template in the list

And be able to choose it from the dropdown Message template box when creating a communication trigger

Updated on: 30/09/2022

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