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How do I book an Appointment when I'm in "List" view?

To book an appointment when you are in List view:

Select Create at the top of the page:

Select Appointment - Search next available appointment

The New Appointment page will open:

Select a date range when you would like the appointment to take place

Select what type of appointment you would like to book - > How do I add an Appointment Type?

If applicable, modify the duration of the appointment, specify which clinician is providing treatment and the location that you'd like the appointment to take place

Select "Find Next Available Appointment" to see a list of available appointments:

Select the appointment you wish to book by clicking the green Select button:

Ensure you have the correct Active Client, Jim Appleseed in this example - How can I switch between patients?

You have the option make this a recurring appointment by changing the Recurrence and Until boxes

You can also mute SMS/Email Confirmations that are due to be sent by clicking on the "Mute" option:

Select Save

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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