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How do I book an Appointment when I'm in "List" view?

To book an appointment when you are in List view:

Select Create at the top of the page:

Select Appointment from the dropdown menu

The New Appointment page will open:

Select a date range for when you would like the appointment to take place

Select what type of appointment you would like to book -> How do I add an Appointment Type

If applicable, modify the duration of the appointment. You can also choose to specify which clinician is providing treatment and/or the location that you'd like the appointment to take place

Select Find Next Available Appointment to see a list of available appointments:

Select the appointment you wish to book by clicking the green Select button

Ensure you have the correct Active Client, Jim Appleseed in this example - How can I switch between patient?

You have the option make it a recurring appointment by changing the Recurrence and Until fields

You can also mute SMS/Email Confirmations that are due to be sent by clicking on the "Mute" option:

Once you're happy with the details of the appointment, click Save

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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