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How do I email a document?

When creating a new document or while viewing an existing one, you have the option to email it out directly from within WriteUpp.

To send a document via email...

Open the document you would like to send. Documents are listed under the Files tab of the Patient Summary. Alternatively, head to Create -> Document and create a new document to email out.

Click on the Email icon at the bottom right of the screen:

This will open the 'Email Document' page, where you must specify the recipient(s) (To, Cc and Bcc), enter a Subject and add some text to the main body of the email (or select an existing email template). The document in question will already be attached to the email.

Clicking on any of the To, Cc or Bcc fields will open an Address Book (which you can also access via the icon to the right of the field). This will show you all of the individuals (with email addresses) that are associated with the client, including:

Next of Kins
Third-Parties (Insurance, School etc)
Your Colleagues

If you need to add another recipient not listed in the Address book, you can manually enter their details in the field at the bottom.

The screenshot below shows how this looks:

You can also select another file (from the File Storage area) to send with the email by clicking on the blue 'Manage Attachments' button

All you need to do is tick the people that you want to receive the email, type your message, click Email Document and you’re good to go.

Any emails you send this way will be added to the Messages tab of the Patient Summary, which will include details of who the email was sent to, what was sent, including any attachments, and the status of the email (sent, delivered etc).

Please be aware that although patients can reply to emails sent this way, their response will not be added to WriteUpp. If you would like to make a note of these replies within WriteUpp, one suggestion is to copy and paste the content of any email replies into a Note. You could also create a new Note keyword, called 'Email' or something similar, which you could use to flag these notes as email replies.

Updated on: 24/05/2024

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