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Introducing File Storage and other Improvements (v2.17)

It is an exciting release this month, as we bring you the new File Storage area! Upload general files to File Storage, and then head to messaging and attach them to emails and Direct Messages. Read below for more information on this exciting new update!

Key Updates

New File Storage Area - Attach multiple files from this new storage area to emails and Direct Messages sent out from WriteUpp
Customise Starting Session Number - Edit the Starting Session Number for new and existing client episodes

New Features

Introducing the new File Storage area…

In this release, we bring you the new File Storage area, which we hope will function a bit like a Filing Cabinet for you, but from within WriteUpp!

The File Storage area can be found under Settings & Tools and from here, you can upload lots of files from your computer into WriteUpp. These files could include letters, documents, leaflets, PDFs - anything non-confidential that you may wish to send out to clients, NoKs, third-parties and colleagues from within WriteUpp:

Files uploaded to File Storage are NOT saved under the Active Client, as this is a separate storage area in WriteUpp to the client record.

Files specific to a client should NOT be uploaded here. This new storage area is for general files that you may wish to send out to all clients (such as a patient information leaflet) and should NOT hold any files that contain confidential client information. This is because files in File Storage cannot be made private. Please continue to upload files/notes/documents specific to a client to the client record.

Once a file has been uploaded to the File Storage area, you can then attach it to an Email or Direct message. When you manage attachments, you can select multiple files from File Storage to add to your message.

This update means that general documents that you regularly send out, such as information sheets, only have to be uploaded once to the File storage area before emailing, instead of needing to be uploaded to each individual client record.

For emails, the ‘Manage attachments’ button allows you to select files and you will see all of the attachments that have been added to your message listed in the attachments area of the email:

For Direct Messages, you will see a new ‘Attachments’ button in the modal, allowing you to manage your attachments:

Files from the File Storage area can also be attached to all Email Templates in WriteUpp, including those for appointment communications!

This is part of a bigger update, where we are looking to improve how attachments are managed for Emails and Direct Messages. In the coming months, we will look to have all attachments within WriteUpp handled in this way, so that you can attach multiple patient notes, assessments, documents, invoices and files to a message sent out from within WriteUpp. Keep watching this space for more updates on that!

For further guidance on the new File Storage area, including how to upload files and attach them to messages, please see the articles below:

File Storage Helpdesk articles

Edit starting session number

When clients are undergoing treatment, each appointment within an episode is automatically numbered with a count, which can be found within the appointment modal. This is the Session Number and it allows you to keep track of how many appointments are booked in for a client within an episode.

It is now possible to edit the starting session number of the first appointment in an episode for a patient. This means that instead of the session number starting at 1, you can pick any number for it to start at.

When you open a new episode for a patient, head to the Episodes tab, click on the title of the episode and edit the Starting session number to whatever you would like it to be. Now, when you book an appointment for the patient, the first appointment in the episode will have that starting session number, and the count will continue from there!

You can also edit the starting session number of any existing episodes. This means that the session numbers of any appointments already booked in for that episode will be updated to reflect the new starting session number.


Improvements to the Square Terminal payment process

We’ve made some changes to the Square terminal checkout process to address some instances where the steps on screen didn’t always update as quickly as the terminal payment process did. At each stage, the Square terminal sends a message to WriteUpp to update us on the payment process, and sometimes those messages were received quickly enough to overwrite each other. This meant that sometimes, the message on screen stuck on “Details received, waiting on terminal” rather than progressing to the “Terminal ready” step, and then the payment confirmation. Payments were always processed correctly, and invoices marked as paid when the screen was refreshed.

During the terminal payment workflow, if you’ve got multiple terminals connected to WriteUpp, you’ll also now choose the terminal you’d like to use first, and then see the amount due on screen.

We’ve added a refresh button to the WriteUpp workflow, which checks for the status of the payment. If while taking a payment, you feel that WriteUpp is not correctly updating, you can use this to check on the payment status.

Bug Fixes

The dropdown calendar in the diary for selecting a date has been fixed. The Arrow icons allowing you to navigate forwards and backwards have returned and the calendar runs Monday - Sunday again. However, if you have changed the First Day of the Week in settings, then the calendar will start on the specified day.
On the Payments tab of the Finance views, the Invoice Numbers in the third column are now links, which will direct you to the actual invoice when clicked.
On the Invoices tab of the Finance views, if an invoice is ticked, then this no longer causes the table to jump down when the ‘Actions’ button appears. The blue highlight when an invoice is selected has also been added back.
It is no longer possible to have a blank Job role selected on a user profile. Any existing users with no Job role have been assigned ‘Administrator’
If a comma is added into the ‘Price (£)’ field in the ‘Edit line item’ modal when creating an invoice, then this no longer affects the calculations when a discount is applied.
Pressing ‘Update details’ on the integration page before reconnecting no longer causes an error.
We have tidied up the ‘Select a form’ modal used for adding forms to Emails sent out from within WriteUpp. The magnifying glass icon in the search bar has been centred and the blue highlight now stretches the whole width of the field for selected forms.
The ‘Search’ button on the Account tab of the Patient Summary has been updated. The table also now has a right-hand margin.
The height of the ‘Contact Details’ screen of the ‘Direct Message’ modal has been fixed.
The issue with the ##RECURRINGSERIES## variable in appointment communications not listing all of the appointments in a series has been fixed.
The issue with not being able to revert assessment forms back to a previous version has been fixed.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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