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It's a big release this month as we introduce not one, but two exciting new features. is an incredible new integration that allows you to refer a patient for a scan in minutes. Check out all the information for that just below! Furthermore, we also bring you multiple responsible users in this release. You can now assign more than one user as responsible for a client! Read about that and all the other improvements implemented in this update below. ⬇️

Key updates: integration
Multiple Responsible users for a client
Filters retained for Activity Views

New Features integration

This release brings you another brand new integration! This time we’ve partnered with to allow you to refer your clients for private medical imaging services directly from within WriteUpp. With scan reports and images sent securely back to the “Files” tab, clients use the online booking platform to choose a location and book an appointment that suits them.

You can read our introduction to here and find out how to enable it on your account here.

Connecting to and managing users is covered in more detail here, with the process for creating a new scan referral covered in this article.

You can also check out articles for what you’ll see within WriteUpp after sending a scan referral and how to cancel a referral.

Furthermore, we've also put together a patient guide to a referral, which covers what your patients will need to do and what they can expect to see as the scan progresses.

Frequently asked questions can be found here, but if there’s anything else you’d like to know or if you need some help getting to grips with it, we’ll be delighted to have a chat with you!

Multiple Responsible Users

We’ve added the ability to select more than one responsible user for a client on the client summary, meaning that multiple users (and site administrators, who can always see all clients) can now be given access to particular clients.

With the patient visibility setting set to ‘Visible to responsible user’, any users selected in this dropdown will retain access to the client information throughout WriteUpp.

If you have ‘Visible to all users’ selected under ‘How do you manage your customers’, you can assign multiple users as responsible for a client but the client file will still be visible to all users on the site.

We hope being able to select multiple responsible users will be incredibly helpful, especially if you have more than one clinician working with a client.

Because the “responsible” field now supports multiple users, you can no longer order by it within WriteUpp using the column headers. To further analyse data by responsible user, you can export to either excel or CSV and filter from there. Please note that if a client has more than one responsible user, they will all be listed in the same field; views will not contain multiple lines per responsible user if that’s the case.


Activity Views - filters remembered

In the Activity views, any filters chosen are now remembered when you click out to view the client profile or the appointment and then click back into the Activity view using the back button in the browser.

Any changes to the date, Appointment Type and/or With filters and the updated results are remembered and no longer reset when you click back after viewing another page. If you do wish to reset the filters, simply click the Attended activity tab above the date filters.

We hope this update will save you valuable time in your day, as the filters will no longer need putting back each time you return to the Attended Activity view!

NHS Number added to Activity view exports

We have added an ‘NHS Number’ column to the excel and CSV exports of both the attended and non-attended activity views. If anything is present in the National Health # field of the client summary for a client appearing in the view in WriteUpp, then this will now be present in the exported file.

Please note that this extra column (along with hospital number and description) is only present in the exports and is not visible in the view in WriteUpp.

Alphabetical ordering of user dropdowns

Throughout WriteUpp, on various pages, there are dropdowns listing the users on your site, which are used to either filter results or to select a user for an action or role.

Previously, there was no standard ordering to these dropdown menus. To make it easier to find the user you are looking for, these dropdowns are now ordered alphabetically.

A new header has been added to the top of a consent form when you print it from WriteUpp. This header includes information on the name of the consent form, who consented and their relationship to the client, how consent was provided (in person or via email), the date consent was given and the version number of the form.

If you are awaiting completion of consent via email, then this will be stated in the header instead, along with the form name, the email address of the recipient, the date of sending and the version number.

Resource dropdown on billing screens

The ‘Responsible’ dropdown menu present on the Invoice Details and Edit invoice Header pages has been renamed to ‘Resource’. This dropdown relates to who the appointment was with and not who is responsible for the client. Therefore, we think renaming this dropdown to ‘Resource’ better reflects what is displayed here.

The ‘Responsible’ column in the Invoices tab of the Finance Views has also been renamed to ‘Resource’ to better reflect what is shown here. The information that is displayed on this page has not changed.

CloudRx - Gender and Title fields when generating a prescription

When generating a CloudRx prescription, we’ve added some mappings to allow Title and Gender to pre-populate if a match is detected to an accepted CloudRx value. If the gender or title entered on the client summary exactly matches what is accepted by CloudRx, then it will automatically populate on the prescription form. See below for a list of all the accepted fields.

What is entered into the patient summary must be an exact match to what is accepted by CloudRx, including any spacing and capitalisation, for the field to populate automatically on the form.

Accepted Title fields: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Mx, Ms, Dr, Prof
Accepted Gender fields: Male, Female, Other, Non Binary, NonBinary

Activity Feeds - Visibility Changes for Regular User Types

Invoice and expense entries have been hidden from the activity feeds for Regular user types. These were previously visible as an entry, but as this user role does not have access to billing functionality, an error was present if one of these entries was clicked.

Regular user types can still create expenses, they just won’t see them recorded in either of the activity feeds.

Activity Feeds - Visibility Changes for Restricted User Types

Note, assessment, invoice and expense entries have been hidden from the activity feeds for Restricted user types. These were previously visible as an entry but as restricted users do not have access to any of these functions, an error message would be generated if they clicked on them.

Restricted user types can still create expenses, they just won’t see them recorded in either of the activity feeds.

Updated version of the WriteUpp app - There will also be an updated version of the WriteUpp app available this week in both the Apple and Google Play stores. Keep an eye out for v3.3.1 to ensure you're up to date!

Bug Fixes

The session number in the appointment modal was increasing by one when the status of an appointment was changed to one where the client was still attending. The session number would return to the correct value once the appointment had been saved but to avoid any confusion when editing the appointment, we have fixed this.
Creating an invoice for an expense item with a long name was affecting the formatting of the Total column on the saved invoice. This has been addressed.
Previously, if an ISC code was added to an expense template, the ISC dropdown would not automatically populate when using that expense. This has been fixed. If you add an ISC code to your templates, the ISC field will automatically be populated when the expense template is used.
Entering more than 500 characters into a “coding” field of a third party linked to a client profile was causing an error when saving the client. We have added a maximum field length of 500 characters to these fields to prevent this.
When viewing completed assessments in the WriteUpp app, the last saved information was missing from the top of the screen. We've added this back in.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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