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New Login screens and Discount code Improvements (v2.17.5)

This release includes an exciting new feature and plenty of improvements! Read about everything we have been working on below⬇️

Key Updates

New Login and Sign-up screens - check out the new designs next time you login!
Select Appointment Types for Discount codes - when editing or creating a discount code, use the new 'Appointment Type' dropdown to specify which appointment types the code can be used on

New Features

Specify Appointment Types for Discount Codes

It is now possible to link appointment types to discount codes, giving you complete control over which discount codes can be used on each appointment type.

You can manage your codes under Settings -> Invoice -> Discount codes. Here, you will see a new ‘Appointment Type’ dropdown when creating and editing discount codes. Clicking on this dropdown will open a menu listing all of your existing, client-related appointment types. Simply scroll down the list and select the appointment types you would like the discount code to be available for. You can select multiple appointment types, with selected ones highlighted in blue. If you have no appointment types selected, then the dropdown will say ‘All’ and the discount code will be available to use for all appointment types.

We have added a new ‘Appointment Type(s)’ column to the discount codes table, allowing you to see from a glance which appointment type(s) each code is linked to. We have also made the column headers clickable, so you can reorder the list of codes, if needed.

When you are creating an invoice, in the ‘Edit line item’ modal, you will only be able to select discount codes linked to the appointment type you are creating the invoice for. Any codes not specified for that appointment type will NOT be shown.

This is the same for your Online Booking site. When booking, clients will only be able to apply codes that are linked to the appointment type they are booking. Any discount codes that do not have that appointment type selected will show as incorrect.

It is important to note that discount codes with no Appointment Types specified in the dropdown will be available for use on all Appointment Types in Online Booking and when creating an invoice in WriteUpp. Therefore, if you want a discount code to not be available for certain appointment types, then you will need to specify which appointment types you do want it to be available for:


New Login and Sign-up screens

We have updated the look of the login screens. Login at or via your unique url to see the new designs!

New Session Timeout option - 30 minutes

Under Settings -> General, there is a 'Session timeout' dropdown, with the current options being 10, 5 and 1 (hours). We have now also added a 0.5 option. If you select the new 0.5 option, then this means after 30 minutes of being logged in on your site, you will be logged out.

The default is still 10 hours, but changing this to a lower number is a good security measure. There is a risk that for shorter timeout periods, you may be logged out whilst in the middle of doing something, so please always factor this in when selecting a timeout.

Updates to the ‘Note Templates’ screen

When creating or viewing a note, clicking on the ‘Manage templates’ link takes you to the ‘Note Templates’ screen, where you can edit and create templates. We have now added paging to this screen if more than 15 templates exist, making it easier to navigate through them. We have also updated the Preview, Edit and Delete options, so that they exist in a 3 dot menu, which is frequently used throughout WriteUpp.

Furthermore, we have introduced a search field to the top of the ‘Note Templates’ screen, which can be used to locate an existing template in the list. Simply type the name of the template and hit the ‘Search’ button.

Finally, to reduce the risk of deleting a note template by mistake, we have added a warning modal when you click on 'Delete' for a template. You must click ‘Yes’ in the modal to confirm the action and only then will the template be removed.

Updates to the ‘Appointment Types’ tab of Settings

Under Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types, you can edit your existing appointment types and create new ones. To make it easier to locate an appointment type to edit, we have added a search field to the top of this screen. SImply type in the name of the appointment you are looking for and click ‘Search’. This will return any type(s) matching the name you have entered.

Furthermore, we have added paging to this screen when more than 15 types exist in the list. On top of this, we have also made it possible to reorder your appointment types using the column headers. Simply click on a header to reorder the list (e.g. Click the ‘Name’ header to reorder them A-Z).

Third Parties - Improvements

We have updated the Settings -> Third Parties screen to add paging and make the headers clickable, so you can now order the list.

Along with this, we have also streamlined the process for attaching a third party to a client record. Now, when you select a third party to attach, you will no longer be taken to a separate screen to add the coding fields, like insurance information. Instead, you will be directed back to the Client Summary in the editable mode, where you can add to any coding fields from here.

We have also made some improvements to the Fields -> Third Party Types tab. The screen has a new look, but works in the same way as it always has, allowing you to customise your third party types.

Paging added to the ‘Data Import Jobs’ screen

If you go to Tools -> Date Import and click the ‘Previous imports’ button, you are taken to a log listing all of your previous data imports. We have added paging to this screen if more than 15 items are shown, as some sites have many entries listed here. We have also updated the icon used for the ‘Delete’ option in the 3 dot menu.

'Cancel' button added to the ‘Edit invoice header’ screen

You can edit some of the details and the layout of an existing invoice using the 'Edit Header' button at the bottom of the screen, We have now added a 'Cancel' button to this 'Edit invoice header' screen, allowing you to cancel out of the screen and head back to the saved invoice, without making any changes.

UK sites - Stripe now available

If you are based in the United Kingdom, then you will now be able to see Stripe on the ‘Integrations & Add Ons’ screen by default. Previously, you would only have seen Square, and would have needed to contact support to gain access to the Stripe integration.

This means all UK sites can now choose to integrate with Stripe, with Square still available as an alternative.

Sites based outside of the UK will continue to have access to Stripe only.

Trial sites only - access to ad hoc messaging has been removed

Please note that following this release, verified trial sites will no longer have access to the ‘SMS’ and ‘Email’ tabs under Create -> Message.

Once verified, you will still be able to send invoices, notes, documents etc via email, and make full use of the appointment communications feature - it is only SMS and email messaging from under Create -> Message that has been blocked. We have also moved the block down on this screen, so that you can now access the ‘Internal Message’ and ‘Direct Message’ tabs while on trial.

As soon as you subscribe to WriteUpp, you will gain full access to the Create -> Message screen.

We understand that this may cause some inconvenience, but it is something we have had to do for important security reasons. If you have any further questions on this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Trial sites - want to book a 1-1 demo of WriteUpp?

If you would like to book a 1-1 demo of WriteUpp with our Product Specialist, you can now do this directly from within your WriteUpp site (trial sites only). Head to the Help & Support section of the main menu and click ‘Book a demo’. This will allow you to pick a date and time that suits you for your 1-1 online demo!

Bug Fixes

Under Reports -> Patient, the ‘Patient by source’ report has been fixed. You can now view this report to see from a glance how many clients are using each source field.
The ‘Appointments by Status’ report has been fixed, so you can now view newly created appointment types here. We have also made it possible to view deleted appointment types if there are appointments booked in the set date range. Any deleted appointment types will have ‘Deleted’ in brackets next to them in the Apt type dropdown.
When sending an invoice, note, document, attachment, assessment or consent form via email, the attachment link, ‘Attachment’ text and the ‘Manage attachments’ button have been aligned.
The ‘Manage Attachments’ button has been removed from the ‘Message Template’ screen when managing SMS templates, either from Create -> Message or under the Appointment Communication tab in settings. You cannot attach files from File Storage to SMS messages in WriteUpp, so to avoid confusion, we have removed this button from the template screen.
We have fixed an issue with patient merge requests failing if the loser had an assessment form associated with a Next of Kin (from a smart import).
We have fixed an issue with Next of Kins not receiving attachments (from File storage) in appointment emails. If you have the Next of Kin(s) opted into appointment communications, then they will now also receive any files you have attached to the email templates.
We have addressed an issue with the delete trigger for appointment communications. Any communications you have set up for a deleted appointment, either via email or SMS, should now trigger when an appointment is removed from the diary.
We have fixed the ‘Complete’ button in the overdue task notification box. This button is shown in the dialog pop-up and the main notification box of an overdue task, and can be used to complete it and remove the notification in just a few clicks.
Following sporadic reports of appointment reminder messages being queued but not sent, we’ve made some improvements to the reminder queue to improve its efficiency to tackle this.
The 'Pay Link' variable, which can be added to email templates for invoices, has been fixed. The recipient can now follow this link in the email to pay the invoice via Stripe/Square.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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