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Invoice Updates and other Improvements (v2.17.1)

In this update, we introduce some improvements to the way saved invoices are handled when changes are made to your invoice settings or the Patient Summary. Existing invoices will no longer update when changes are made and will instead stay as they were when created. Please read below to find out more about this update, as well as everything else we have been working on in this release!

Key Updates

Saved invoices stay as they were when created, regardless of changes made to the invoice layout settings and third party/custom field details on the Patient Summary. Layout settings have been added to the Edit Header screen of saved invoices, allowing the layout of individual invoices to be edited.
Improvements have been made to the process for editing files in File Storage. Edit the File Type directly from the File Storage table using the dropdown in the Type column, and open the Edit Attachment modal from the table using the Pencil icon at the end of the row.

New Features

Saved invoices stay as they were when created

Prior to this release, if you updated any of the invoice settings under Settings -> Invoice, this would update the layout and information on all of your old invoices, as well as newly created ones.

Now, any changes you make to your invoice settings, such as the layout or basic information, will NOT be applied to invoices that already exist. Any existing invoices will remain as they were when they were created, unless you choose to edit the Header of one. Only new invoices that you create will have the updated invoice settings applied to them.

Also, previously if you had an invoice with a Third Party selected for the Payable by dropdown and then changed the coding fields of that Third Party on the Patient Summary, this would update the coding fields on the saved invoice as well. This is no longer the case. Any changes made to the coding fields on the Patient Summary will not affect this information on existing invoices.

If you do wish to update the coding fields on an existing invoice to what you have changed them to on the Patient Summary, simply click ‘Edit Header’ on the invoice, change the Payable by dropdown to something else (the client for example) and then change it back to the Third Party. This will pull through the new coding information for that Third Party onto the invoice.

Furthermore, if any changes are made to the Custom fields on the Patient Summary, the information in these Custom fields on any old invoices will NOT be updated. These fields will now stay as they were when the invoice was created.

Following this update, no details on a saved invoice will change unless you choose to change them. This is the case for Custom fields, coding fields for third parties, all of the Show on invoice fields, the Invoice logo and the Invoice Footer.

As old invoices do not update with the new invoice settings, we have now made it possible to edit the layout information of individual invoices. Head to an invoice that has not yet been paid and click the 'Edit Header’ button. You will see new sections on the Edit Invoice Header screen, allowing you to edit some details and the layout of the invoice. You can edit the Main Details, Address Details, Invoice logo, Invoice values (show VAT on invoice checkbox), Show on invoice checkboxes, Custom fields (as long as you had them showing on the invoice when it was created) and the Invoice Footer. Any changes made to the layout will ONLY be applied to the selected invoice.

Session Timeout Setting

A new Session Timeout setting has been added to the General tab of Settings.

Previously, your WriteUpp session would timeout after 10 hours of inactivity, and you could not edit this.

However, this new setting allows you to change the timeout period. You can choose from 1, 5 and 10 hours, with 10 hours being the default. The session timeout setting is a site-wide setting, so the timeout length chosen here can only be edited by a Site Administrator and will be applied to all users on your account.

Once your session times out, you must log back in to continue using WriteUpp. A short timeout session is a good security measure.

Head to Settings -> General and you will see the new Session Timeout dropdown. Click this to edit the Timeout setting and press save to apply the change.

‘What do you call your users?’ Setting

A new setting has been added to the General tab of Settings, allowing you to define what you refer to your users as.

This is ‘Clinician’ by default, but you can update this to whatever you wish it to be. For example, if you wanted to change it to ‘Therapist’, you would complete the fields as shown below:

As with the ‘What do you call your customers’ setting, you must define the singular, plural and possessive fields.

This will then be updated in the portal when a client completes a smartform:


Editing Files in File Storage - Improvements

To make it easier and quicker for you to edit files uploaded to File Storage, we have added the Edit icon to the File Storage table, allowing you to edit files without having to view them:

Click the Pencil icon at the end of the row to open the Edit Attachment modal, Here you can edit the Description, the File Type and the Password setting. Press Save and the attachment information will be updated.

The Pencil icon is still present in the File Viewer when viewing an attachment in File Storage, allowing you to edit files from here too.

Furthermore, we have also made the Type field editable in the File Storage table. Click on the Type dropdown in the row to open the menu and select a different File Type for your attachment. The change is applied to the attachment automatically when another file type is selected from the dropdown:

Simplifying how breaks are handled

Under Settings -> My Settings -> Breaks, you can add breaks in your diary that are repeated across all working days. Under Create -> Appointment and in Online Booking, appointments cannot be booked into these breaks. The breaks are also blocked out on your diary screen.

In this release, we have simplified how breaks are handled in the system, allowing us to make improvements to this functionality in the future.

For now, you should only notice two small changes to how breaks work on your site. Firstly, when creating and editing your breaks, you will no longer see a Name field. Any existing breaks will also have had the Name field removed. The Start and End fields are still present when adding and editing breaks, allowing you to define when in the day a break begins and when it ends.

The other difference is how breaks affect working hours. If you add a break that shortens the working day, it will update your Working Hours in settings. For example, if you schedule a break 12:00-13:00 but you have a working day that starts at 12:00, then this will change the start of that working day to 13:00 instead of 12:00. In your diary, this will work the same as it would have before the update, as the break blocked out this time anyway. The only change will be to your Working hours under My Settings.

Fields -> Sources update

When you head to Fields -> Sources to create and edit your Source fields, you will notice the tab has a new look! The Source dropdown can be found on the Patient Summary and added as a smart field to smart forms. Under Fields -> Sources, you can edit your Source fields however you wish!

New App Version

Please note there is also a new version of the app to download. App version 3.5.0 is now available for download in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Bug Fixes

The Pay Link variable in invoice email templates has been fixed. Use this variable in your email templates for invoices to add a link that directs the recipient to the payment portal.
Filters on the Security log have been fixed, You can filter by ‘Show deleted clients’, ‘Show logins’ and ‘Show exports’.
The Existing Notes tab has been tidied up.
Users are now ordered alphabetically in the dropdown for the ‘With’ filter on the Recall List.
When dragging an appointment block to a different slot in the diary, the block now stays within the lines of each day in the diary.
The appointments listed in the ‘Non-invoiced Appointments’ tab of the Finance views now convert to the correct times if the site Timezone is updated.
The ‘None’ filter on the Clients by Tag view has been fixed. If a client previously had tags attached to their record which have since been removed, then the client will appear again in the results when ‘None’ is selected from the Tag filter.
If an appointment is linked to a note, then the selection is now retained in the ‘Link note to appointment’ modal before the note is saved.
The formatting of the Export buttons on the tabs of the Caseload views has been fixed.
The ‘Export to CSV’ button on the No Episodes tab of the Caseload views has been fixed. Use this button to export the results from the No Episodes tab to CSV. Please note that results are ordered by WUID number in the export and can be reordered from here.
Viewing some password protected files in the File Viewer was causing an error. We have addressed this issue.
If you are using the Gmail integration, any errors related to Gmail should no longer result in clients being opted out of communications.
The issue with table lines missing from notes viewed in List view, the Existing Notes tab and the History modal has been fixed. Wherever you view a note with a table inserted, you will be able to see the table lines.
Regular and Restricted users can now cancel a Square Terminal payment from the payment workflow within WriteUpp.
An issue with annotations missing in completed assessment forms when viewing again after further edits were made has been fixed. Note: this was an issue related to Firefox browsers only.
We have removed the consent form link from under Attachments on the email screen when obtaining consent from a client via email. This link did not actually take the client to the form and you still had to add the Consent Link variable to the email. Therefore, to avoid confusion, we have removed the link from next to the 'Attachments' button.
An issue was occurring if you or the client experienced a loss of connection during a video consultation. We have attempted to resolve this. When the error message appears informing you of the disconnection, click the yellow ‘Refresh’ button and if the connection can be re-established, the call will resume.
Previously, when editing Custom fields under Fields -> Custom fields, you could only order them 1-9 using the dropdown. We have made the Order field a textbox again, allowing you to order the fields beyond this, into double figures. The order you specify under Fields will be reflected on the Patient Summary.
Some patient delete requests were failing due to file storage attachments in messages and scan referral attachments in the client record. This has been fixed.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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