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A Little Update (v2.16.7)

In this release, we introduce some improvements to WriteUpp, which you can read about below. In the background, we continue work on exciting new features and look forward to bringing some of these to you very soon!


Improvements to the conflicting appointments modal

Following feedback, we have made some changes to the warning modal for conflicting appointments implemented in the previous release.

This modal will no longer be present when booking single appointments. If you change the date/time of a single appointment so it conflicts with another appointment or occurs in non-working hours, then you will no longer receive warning of this.

The warning modal will now only inform you of conflicting appointments when you are booking a recurring appointment set. The modal will list any appointments in the series that conflict with another appointment or occur in non-working hours. From here, you can untick the conflicting appointments that you do NOT wish to book. When you press Continue, all available appointments and any selected conflicting appointments will be booked.

As before, if you press Cancel in the warning modal, no appointments will be booked, allowing you to check your diary before making the booking.

We greatly value your feedback here at WriteUpp, and understand that some users did not find the warning modal useful when booking single appointments, hence why we have removed it. We thank you for your patience while we updated the modal and hope that this works better now!

Patient Summary - Account tab changes

The Account tab of the Patient Summary has been updated. The following changes have been made:

A date filter has been added, allowing you to filter by invoice create date to see invoices created during a defined time period.
A Status filter has been added, with ‘All’, ‘Unpaid’, ‘Overdue’, ‘Bad debt’, ‘Paid’ and ‘Part paid’ options
A searchbox has been added allowing you to search for an invoice by invoice number
The columns can now be ordered using the column headings
Invoices in the Account tab are now ordered by invoice number, in descending order.

This update to the Account tab brings it in line with how the Invoices tab of the Finance views works, and should make it easier to order and manage a client’s invoices from here.

Finance views - filters retained

In any of the Finance views (Invoices, Payments, Non-Invoiced Appointments, Expenses and Discount codes) the filters will now be retained if you click away from the view and then use the back button in the browser to return to it.

Updated Note Keywords tab

The design of the Note Keywords tab under Main Menu → Fields has been updated. It works in exactly the same way, allowing you to create your own custom keywords for when you are creating or editing patient notes, it just has a new look!

Previous session number in Caseload views

In the Open Episodes and Closed Episodes tabs of the Caseload views, we have added a Previous session number column. This column will display the session number of the previous appointment in that episode for the patient.

The Previous session number column will also be present in Excel and CSV exports of these tabs.

IMPORTANT: The 'Previous session number' column will be visible in the Open and Closed Episodes tabs, but as these views update overnight, no numbers will appear in the columns until early on 29/11

Scrollbar added to contact lists

Under Create → Message, on the Email, SMS and Internal messages tabs, the contact lists are now scrollable. At 15 contacts or above, a scrollbar will be present, allowing you to easily scroll through longer lists of contacts.

Hospital number field - increased character limit

On the Patient tab of the Patient Summary, you can now add up to 19 characters into the Hospital # field. Previously, the maximum character limit for this field was 16.

The limit has also been increased for the ‘Hospital #’ smart field if it is added to an assessment form. When the form is completed in Desktop, the mobile App or as a smart form via the portal, up to 19 characters can be entered into the field.

Access Requests - Coding fields for Third Parties added to Client Summary

If you perform an Access Request for a client with third parties attached to their record, then the following information for the third party is now included on the Client Summary:
Third party Name
Phone number
Cover Number (if Healthcode is connected)
Coding fields - including Policy Number, Authorisation Code and Authorised sessions fields for an Insurer

Online Booking - Verification security update

If you have verification turned on for your Online Booking site, then we now prevent the client from editing the Mobile Number field on the Client Details screen once they have verified using SMS.

This means that the verified Mobile number is the contact information the client must use to complete the booking.

Similarly, if the client verifies via email, then the Email field is disabled on the Client Details screen instead, meaning the client cannot edit the verified email address.

Online Booking website 'Your Details' page - wording changes

We have made some wording changes on the ‘Your Details’ page of the Online Booking website. On this page, ‘Your details’ has been changed to ‘Client’s details’, to make it clearer who’s details need to be entered here. We have highlighted where the wording has changed on the screenshot below:

Bug Fixes

When uploading an attachment link, if ‘Visible to me only’ is selected after a Name has been entered, then this now hides the link from all other users on the site (excluding Site Administrators, who have access to all records regardless of ownership).
For a multi-resource appointment, confirmations and reminders are now queued against the primary appointment only. Multiple reminders will no longer be sent out for a multi-resource appointment.

Coming soon...

We will soon be introducing the File Storage area, allowing you to upload files from your computer into a 'Filing Cabinet' in WriteUpp. Multiple files from this storage area can then be attached to emails and Direct Messages to be sent out from within WriteUpp.

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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