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Why has my client received a Smart Form that they can't edit?

If you have sent a form to a client intending it to be used as a Smart Form, but the client receives it in a non-editable state, it is most likely that you have opened the form first, and then sent it as a standard Direct Message using the icon at the bottom right of the form, instead of as a Smart Form.

To send an assessment form as a Smart Form, head to the Favourite Forms page and click on the Send icon at the end of the row of the form you wish to send, under the Smart form heading:

Access the Favourite Forms page via Create -> Form/Assessment

Alternatively, you can send an assessment as a Smart Form by adding the form link to an email composed in WriteUpp. There are benefits to this method, including the ability to send multiple Smart Forms in one email and to personalise the text in the email that accompanies the form(s).

If you click on the name of the assessment from the Favourite Forms list to open the form and then select the DM icon at the bottom of the screen, this will send a regular read-only copy of the assessment form to the client. This means they will NOT be able to complete the fields or submit it back to you.

You can check what's been sent to your client by heading to the Messages tab of the Client Summary and opening the entry for the sent message.

In the Messages tab, the Type will be 'Smart Form' with the DM number in brackets if you have sent the form as a Smart Form. If you have sent it as a Direct Message, the type will be a standard 'Direct Message':

If you open the sent Smart Form message, you will see the details of the message, as well as an indication of whether or not it relates to a Smart Form, as shown below:

If you have accidently opened the assessment and then clicked the icon to send the form as a standard DM instead of a Smart Form, then you will just see the form on screen (as shown below) when you open the sent message, and there will be no indication of it being a Smart Form:

If this is the case, return to Create -> Form/Assessment and locate the form you would like to send as a Smart Form but do NOT open it, Instead, simply click the Send icon under the Smart form heading and this will open a modal allowing you to send the form as a Smart Form. Alternatively, head to Create -> Email and use the Forms icon to add the form link to your email as a Smart Form.

Check out the following article for more information on the two different methods for sending Smart Forms - How do I send a Smart Form to a client?

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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