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Why should I switch from Stripe to Square?

UK-based sites only

If you're currently using Stripe but considering switching to Square, this article explains the differences between the two and the benefits of using Square.

The single biggest reason to switch to Square is that it gives you the ability to take "in person" payments using the Square Terminal.

The terminal allows your clients to pay in clinic with...
contactless via their card
chip and pin
their phone via Apple/Google Pay - you'll truly have all bases covered 🙌

So, here's how Square and Stripe stack up:

Square fees change to those stated in the table from 23rd March 2023. Square fees are changing in line with changes that Square have made to online processing rates. Read Square Fees for more information on this.

In summary Square gives you:

Total flexibility - to take "in person" payments, online invoice payments and online booking prepayments
Full integration with the Square Terminal - no rekeying, no errors, take payment directly from the diary and everything is fully reconciled in WriteUpp
Square handles everything - however you take payment, all of your transaction records are securely stored in the Square dashboard
A lower rate (1.75%) for in person card payments

To make the switch click here to learn how to get started!

Why can't I take in-person payments with Stripe?

When Square approached us about integrating their Terminal with WriteUpp, Stripe terminals were not available in the UK using the technology which would be required to link them to WriteUpp. We therefore naturally accepted the Square partnership, as we knew this would be of great benefit to our users! That's not to say it's something we won't do in the future though.

Please note, the Square terminal needs to be purchased separately. Visit the Square Shop to purchase

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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