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Smart form access code customisation and multiple attachments (v2.15.6)

Release version 2.15.6 is here and we're bringing you two exciting new features! Ever wished that you didn't need to send a code via SMS to allow access to a smart form, or wanted to upload more than one attachment at a time? Well we heard you, read all about these new updates below.

We've also included some improvements to hopefully make your life easier and tackled a few irritating bugs!

New features

Optional Access Codes for Smart Forms

Access codes for smart forms are now optional! This can be managed by site administrators under Settings -> General -> Smart Form completion. Here, you can choose to have None, SMS or Email selected:

Traditionally, your clients would always receive an access code via SMS, which would allow them to open and complete to a smart form. However, for various reasons this was not always convenient - we have listened and we have made this completely optional. You may still wish to keep SMS selected for security purposes, which is what we would generally recommend, however if this is not possible, then you now have other options. If you change the access code setting to ‘Email’ then recipients will receive an access code via their email. If you select ‘none’ then no access code will be required.

The access code requirement on a form will be set at the time it is sent. If you have the access code dropdown set to "SMS" and then change it to "None", any forms sent before the change will still require the SMS code. Any forms sent after the change was made will use the new requirement and therefore not need a code.

If a smart form is sent without an access code, autosave will not be present when the recipient is completing the form. This means that their progress will not be saved as they go, and information entered will not be retained if they need to return to a form before submitting it. If they lose their internet signal, they will also lose the information entered and have to start again. You will not see the status of "autosaved" against a form that didn't require an access code on the Forms/Assessments tab of the client summary once they have started completing it. This is because although the link is intended to only be accessed by the recipient (and the page address is structured in with this in mind), without the code it is a public URL and we cannot allow potentially identifiable information to be retained on the page by way of the autosave.

When sending a smart form from Create -> Assessment you have the option to change the access code setting for that specific form before sending it:

This may be handy if you know that a client doesn’t have a mobile phone for example, as you can change how the access code is received without having to change your settings.
Please note, linked forms sent in emails will always use the access code setting specified under your general settings.

Furthermore, under the Messages tab of the client summary, any smart forms sent will now have the type ‘Smart Form’ followed by the DM number so you can easily identify sent forms:

You can read more about the new access code pathways for smart forms here.

Ability to upload multiple attachments at the same time

To streamline the file upload process, we’ve added the ability to upload multiple attachments at the same time. When clicking on Upload attachment, you’ll now be able to select up to 10 files from your device to attach to your clients file. We've also increased the allowed size of each individual file to 16MB.

Note - you’ll need to hold down the shift or cmd keys on your keyboard to be able to select multiple files. When using most newer smart phones or tablets, you should also be able to select multiple files from your device.

Once you’ve selected your files, you’ll see them listed on screen and be able to add a description, keyword and set the visible to me property for each one, with changes automatically saved as you make them.

There’s no need to click on Save after doing this going forwards, as files start uploading straight away for you when you reach this step and will automatically save to the client summary.

If you need to remove a file for any reason while you're on this screen, you can click on Remove file to do this. You'll see confirmation once this is done:

If any files fail to upload, if for example they are too large or the file type is not supported, you’ll see this on screen:

You’ll also be able to add more files if you’ve selected less than 10, or a linked attachment from the files list. If you don’t see the add more files option, you’ve already selected 10. Just head back to Create -> Attachment to upload more!

You can read all about uploading attachments to the client summary here.


Appointment communications and triggers linked to deleted appointment types

If you have appointment communications set up for a specific appointment type under Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication and then delete that appointment type, you will now see the word ‘deleted’ in brackets in the Status/Type column of the trigger relating to it:

We hope that this will make it easier to see when communications for appointments require updating.

Email sent when reactivating a user

When you reactivate a user on your WriteUpp site, they’ll now receive an email containing a temporary password to allow them to log into their account. When they log in, they’ll be prompted to set up a new password to use going forwards.

Online booking message if no appointment types are available

If you have no appointment types set to visible within the online booking admin area, we’ve added a message to the homepage to make this easier to see:

We’ve also prevented searching if there are no types available, as doing so was displaying an error to clients. If you see this message on your online booking site, head to the admin area to change the visibility settings of your appointment types!

Coding field optional

The coding field when adding a new 3rd party type under Settings -> Fields is no longer mandatory.

Bug fixes

On the Invoices page of the finance reports, the date filter was also including the day immediately after the selected ‘To’ date. For example, if you had selected a date range of 01/09/2022 - 30/09/2022, then invoices dated 01/10/2022 would also be included. This was a quick fix - the date filter on this page will now only return invoices dated on days included in the selected date range.

Previously, for some users, if two smart forms were added to an email one after the other, the second link would be added immediately after the first. If you then separated them by returning the second one to the next line, the link would be generated twice, leading to two smart form entries in the messages tab for the one form. This has been addressed and now the correct number of links will be generated in this scenario.

Coming soon

A brand new integration!

The ability to order prescriptions at the touch of a button not only has the power to transform how you work, it supports the growth in remote consultations and adds a whole new level of ease and convenience to your patients’ experience too. CloudRx opens up a whole world of sophisticated prescribing capabilities for private clinicians. By taking care of the prescribing, payment and delivery of medicines direct to your patients - wherever in the country they may be – it’s a quicker, more convenient way for them to get the medication they need.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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