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Adding custom fields to an assessment as smart fields

When building an assessment form to be completed either in clinic or by a client as a smart form, you have the option to add any custom fields you have created on the client summary as Smart Fields.

When creating or editing a form, you'll see your custom fields at the bottom of the Field dropdown when adding the "Smart" field type, prefixed by the text CF:

You'll see any active custom fields listed here as options, and any deactivated custom fields will not show. You can check your custom fields by opening the main menu and choosing Fields -> Custom Fields.

To add a custom field as a smart field to a form template:

First of all, make sure you have created the custom field(s) you'd like to use.

Create or edit a form template, and after selecting Add New Field, choose the type Smart:

Using the Field dropdown, choose your custom field from the list:

And give it a name under Field Name. This is what you or your clients will see when completing the form. You can simply add the field name in here, or add something else if you are asking for information for example:

The Field Name is editable and can be anything you like, the Field is not and identifies what field on the client summary the answer will be mapped to when imported

Once you've added details, click on Finish Editing to save the field

Repeat to add any other smart fields you'd like to use then choose Publish & Exit at the bottom of the screen to publish your form for use

When you or your clients are completing the form, you'll be able to add information to these fields:

And be able to import it to the client summary:

If you include a custom smart field on an assessment form and subsequently delete the field, clients will still be able to complete it, until you manually remove it from the template. When importing from a form, If a custom field has been deleted, the line of information that relates to it will be greyed out. This prevents information being imported to a field that no longer exists:

If you have included a custom field on a form template and then deactivate the field, the next time you open the template you'll see a message to say that the field has been removed:

You can find out more about importing information from smart fields to the client summary here.

Updated on: 29/07/2022

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