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Multiple Next of Kins (v2.17.3)

In this release, we introduce the ability to add a second Next of kin to the client record, as well as the usual bug fixes. You can read all about this new feature below, and as always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions!

New Features

Add a second Next of Kin

Following this release, it is now possible to add a second Next of kin to a client record.

Head to the record of the client you would like to enter Next of kin details for, click ‘Edit Details’, and you will see a new ‘Add+’ button under the Next Of Kin section. Click this button to add details for a new Next of kin:

If you have two added, then the ‘Add+’ button will no longer be present, as you can only add details for up to two Next of kins at this moment in time. To edit a Next of kin, simply click on their name and this will open fields to edit the details:

You must also select a primary Next of kin when you have two added, as this determines which Next of kin’s details are populated when NOK variables are used in notes, documentation, messaging and appointment communications.

Next of kins will be ordered on the Patient Summary in alphabetical order. The primary Next of kin will be labelled as "Primary". To switch this, simply edit the Next of kin record and tick the ‘Primary’ checkbox.

For creating invoices and sending messages, both Next of kins will be listed, allowing you to select the desired payor/recipient.

Warning: For smart import, only one set of Next of kin smart fields can be added to a Smart form, meaning you can only import one into a client record. If there is already an existing Next of kin recorded for the client, then any NOK smart fields imported into the client record will overwrite the existing Next of kin's details. If you have two Next of kins already recorded, then during the smart import, you can select which Next of kin's details to overwrite.

Please also note, that as part of this update, the Payable by dropdown when creating an invoice is now a link. Simply click the link and this will open a modal allowing you to select a new Payable by option. This modal will also display more information on each patient contact before creating the invoice, such as the membership number linked to an insurance third party or the Next of Kin relationship.

Bug Fixes

If a patient is linked to Mailchimp, then it is now possible to delete them in WriteUpp, either during a patient delete or merge job. However, please note that the corresponding contact will not be deleted in Mailchimp. If you wish to also delete the client in Mailchimp, you will have to do this manually.
It is now possible when creating a part-payment, to highlight the amount and type over it. You can also delete the amount, and then type the new amount.
If a document is locked by a user, it now states which user locked the file when you hover over the Key icon. If the document was locked automatically after 24 hours, then it will state ‘Locked by System’.
In Online Booking user settings, it is now possible to toggle the ‘Notify user when online booking is made for any user on site’ setting back off.

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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