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Small update (v2.14.39)

We are bringing you another small release this week, where we have been focusing on catching pesky bugs and fixing them. Rest assured, we continue to work hard on exciting new features for WriteUpp in the background, including the ability to link a note to a particular appointment, and can't wait to bring these to you in future releases! Watch this space!

For now, here's what we've been working on for this release:


When clicking on a 'consent granted' notification in your WriteUpp account, you may have noticed that it was not updating the active client when you were taken to the form. This has been corrected. Clicking on the notification will still take you to the consent form but will now also update the active client.

Furthermore, if you click on the notification for a consent form that has since been deleted, you will now be taken to the relevant client's privacy tab and a message will display telling you that the related consent form has since been deleted.

Bug Fixes

When viewing previously completed consent forms, any variables present in the form content were being populated with the current variable value, rather than the information present at the time of completing (in person) or sending (via email) the form. We've corrected this going forwards, so that you'll see the information present at the time for any new consent forms saved for a client. Please note, we were unable to retrospectively apply this to any consent forms created for clients prior to this update. Previously completed consent forms will still display the current variable value when viewed rather than what was present at the time consent was granted.
We have corrected an issue with the 'List' view of the diary for Privileged, Regular and Restricted users. In Settings -> General, if visibility was set to 'visible to responsible user', then these users could not see any of their own appointments in the list view. This has been fixed.
If an ethnicity option that no longer exists was present in an assessment form, the form was erroring when opened. We have stopped this from happening, if an ethnicity option used is made inactive, any fields using it in draft forms will revert to 'Not Recorded'.
An error was being displayed when trying to preview note templates. This has been resolved and pressing the 'preview' button in note templates now allows you to view the template.
The search bar in 'Lists' was not updating the results as it should. We have fixed this so that using the search bar now returns results relevant to your search. Visibility for Lists has also been refined, to ensure that privileged and regular users do not see clients they are not responsible for in the lists.
The presence of an autosaved smart form containing a signature field on the client summary was causing an access request to fail. We've fixed this; autosaved smart forms now won't affect an access request.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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