Prior to the release of Web v2.13.5 on 09/07/19, all notes, assessments and documents created in WriteUpp were automatically locked 24 hours after being created to maintain the integrity of your documentation. 

Based on long-term feedback from our users, we concluded that this was rather too restrictive and so you now have the ability to manage this yourself.

You have the ability to choose between:

Automatically locking your notes after 24 hours (If you were an existing user prior to 09/07/19 and you wish to continue having your notes automatically locked after 24 hours you don’t need to make any changes.)
No automatic locking and maintaining editability (This will be the default setting for all new trials taken out after 09/07/19)

If you started your WriteUpp trial or subscribed to WriteUpp before 09/07/19, your notes/assessments/documents will continue to be automatically locked unless you opt to manually change this setting. 

You can do this by going to Settings->General and moving the “auto lock” switch to the left, as below:

Making this change will mean that notes will continue to be editable and will not be locked after 24 hours. However, with the introduction of version history, you will have the protection of being able to see every change that has been made to the note/assessment/document, when it was made and by whom.

To learn more about locking and version control, you can check out the below articles: 

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