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Additional open episode filtering and other changes (v2.15.2)

In this release we bring you a helpful new feature, along with some improvements and the usual bug fixes. We continue to work hard on streamlining your WriteUpp experience and encourage you to visit the request portal to see other user's ideas for how WriteUpp can be improved. Why not add your own request too or add an upvote to one you'd like to see implemented - we value our user's input greatly!

New Features

"Show open episodes only" option in Client views

The “Show open episodes only” option which was present on the By Tag view has also now been added to the Recent, By Source, By Third Party, By First Name, By Surname and By Responsible User tabs:

Ticking this box will hide any clients listed in that view with no or closed episodes, leaving only those clients with open episodes on screen.


Online invoice payment button

A change has been made to the Pay button on the online invoice payment page to indicate that a payment is in progress. This button will now display a spinner once it has been clicked or tapped to indicate to a client that the payment has been submitted:

This change also prevents clients from double clicking on the Pay button, which was causing some issues with the verification request for payments particluarly via Square.

Changes to deleting assessments

Regular and privileged users were previously able to delete other users' assessments. This has been changed, so these user types can now only delete their own draft assessment forms.

Only users with the role of site administrator can delete locked forms. This brings the deletion of assessments in line with the same functionality in notes.

Forgotten password change

If you have forgotten your password and entered an email address to reset it, then you will now see a message that reads: ‘Thank you. If an account exists for your email address, a new password will be sent out to you.’ Please Ensure you are careful when entering your email address, as you will not receive the new password if the address is incorrect.

Bug Fixes

Previously, if you disabled multiple locations under Settings -> Organisation, then the ‘With’ column in the Activity view would be missing. This has been fixed - if you disable multiple locations, there will no longer be a ‘Location’ column but there will be a ‘With’ column present in the Activity view. If multiple locations are enabled, you will still see both ‘With’ and ‘Location’ columns.

When building new templates throughout WriteUpp, not all custom field options were appearing in the VAR dropdown, depending on who the active patient was. This has been fixed and regardless of who the active patient is, all custom field options will now appear in the VAR dropdown when creating templates.

When switching between diary views, particularly between day and week, the diary was loading twice when switching to the users in the newly selected view. We’ve stopped this double load for a smoother experience.

On Online Booking, the session is now cleared as soon as the booking is complete. This prevents the back button from being used to book the same appointment again.

Previously, if you had entered multiple lines into the Home Address field of the client summary, it would not be reflected in the address on the invoice and would merge into one line. This has now been fixed and any breaks in the address in the client summary will be reflected on invoices.

In the list view of the assessment summary, annotations of images within forms were not always being displayed correctly. We have corrected this and any annotations made in an assessment form will be shown correctly in the list view.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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