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How do I work with couples in WriteUpp?

There are a number of features in WriteUpp that help when you are working with couples.

Identifying the Couple

You have a number of ways to indicate that an individual is part of a couple:

Tags - Use a tag like "Couple" to indicate that the client is part of a couple
Next of Kin (NoK) - Use this field to specify the name of the partner
Custom Fields - If you don't want to use NoK you could use a Custom Field to specify the name of the person's partner
Other Info - If you don't want to use NoK or Custom Fields you could specify the partner's details in the "Other Info" field

All of these options are visible on the patient summary so its very easy to see if a client record is part of a couple. 

Scheduling A Session

In WriteUpp it's not possible to create an appointment with multiple clients. Instead, you should book two appointments side by side.

Before you go ahead and book the appointment there's some "one-time only" setup that you need to do if you haven't already done it:

Create an appointment type called something like "Couples Counselling". The following article explains how you do this -> How do I add an appointment type?

Add a new appointment status called something like "No Charge". The following article explains how you do this -> How do I add an appointment status?. The settings for the "No Charge" status should be as follows:

Once you have completed the setup book in the appointments as below. Set the appointment status of the appointment for the bill payer to "Booked" and the status for the other appointment to "No Charge".

This article explains how you book in two appointments at the same time alongside each other -> How do I book multiple appointments at the same time?

Session Notes For A Couple

You have a couple of options here:

Copy the notes from one partner to the other

Refer to the other partner x's notes in the notes for partner y

Billing A Couple

This approach assumes that one of the partners will be invoiced for the joint session and that one will pay for it. It also assumes that you have created individual records (as described above) for each partner.

When you are ready to raise the invoice select the record for the bill payer and raise an invoice as normal. If you need help with this please take a look at this article -> How do I create an invoice?

The upshot of this approach is:

A record of attendance for each client
An (invoiceable) session on the invoice of the person that is paying the bill
Nothing to invoice for the person not paying the bill
A record for each individual that you can use when/if they attend separately

Updated on: 24/11/2022

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